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Paper Plates 9 Inches, 100 Pack Disposable Plates For Party – 100% Compostable Plates, Water & Oil Proof Paper Plates, Microwavable Paper Plates Bulk – Brown


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Product Description

paper platespaper plates


Ditch the flimsy, guilt-inducing plastic paper plates and upgrade to TaidMiao bagasse paper plates, the ultimate in green dining. TaidMiao paper plates are the perfect blend of style and sustainability, featuring a sturdy and durable design that can handle any meal, from a picnic in the park to a fancy dinner party. TaidMiao plates are the responsible choice for anyone who cares about the environment.

With their heavy-duty construction and versatile design, our bulk paper plates are perfect for any occasion, from birthdays, weddings, and picnics, to fancy dinners and backyard barbecues. Whether you’re serving up a sizzling steak or a stack of pancakes, these plates will hold up to whatever you dish out.

paper platespaper plates

paper platespaper plates

paper platespaper plates


TaidMiao disposable paper plates feature a special water and oil-proof coating that prevents the plates from getting soggy or breaking down, even with the juiciest of meals.


The waterproof coating on TaidMiao paper plates adds a layer of protection to the plates themselves, ensuring that your food stays securely in place without any mess or spills. They are the perfect plates for any occasion.


TaidMiao coated paper plates feature a smooth, burr-free surface that provides a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience, ensuring that you can comfortably hold and eat from them.

paper platespaper plates

paper platespaper plates

paper platespaper plates

paper platespaper plates


Tired of feeling guilty every time you toss out a pile of used paper plates? Let our paper dinner plates put your mind at ease! Made from sugarcane pulp, our plates will decompose naturally in any composting environment, leaving behind nothing but good vibes and rich soil.



Ready to take your picnic game to the next level? Look no further than our paper plates! With their durable and lightweight design, TaidMiao plates are the perfect picnic supplies for any outdoor adventure, from a day at the beach to a hike in the woods. So go ahead, pack up your favorite snacks and drinks, and head out into the great outdoors with confidence and style. Our plates will be there to hold your feast, without weighing you down (or damaging the planet). Happy picnicking!

paper platespaper plates


Ready to throw the ultimate party without the hassle of cleaning up? TaidMiao plates have got your back! They are the perfect match for any party theme or occasion, from a birthday bash, wedding, or bachelorette party, to a fancy dinner soiree. So go ahead, invite all your friends and family over, and let the good times roll. Our plates will be there to keep the party going. Cheers!

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100pcs 100pcs 100pcs

Water & Oil Proof?


ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PLATES FOR A GREENER WORLD – Introducing TaidMiao eco-friendly and robust paper plates, crafted from 100% biodegradable sugarcane pulp. Not only do these plates contribute to a cleaner planet, but they also boast excellent water and oil resistance, ensuring your soups and stews stay delicious without making the plate soggy.
DURABILITY THAT WITHSTANDS HEARTY MEALS – TaidMiao bagasse paper plates are sturdy and dependable, capable of handling even the heartiest feasts without a hitch. Microwave and refrigerate with ease, knowing these dinner plates can handle reheating and storing leftovers effortlessly.
HASSLE-FREE CLEANUP, ECO-CONSCIOUS DISPOSAL – Embrace sustainability with TaidMiao party paper plates, bidding farewell to harmful plastics. After use, conveniently dispose of them in compost or green waste bins. These plates are not only 100% recyclable and biodegradable but also leave no harmful residues behind.
VERSATILE AND STYLISH FOR ANY OCCASION – TaidMiao party plates are the perfect companions for all your gatherings. Whether it’s a grand wedding, a joyful birthday celebration, a delightful picnic, or a casual get-together, these plates are both versatile and stylish. With their non-slip bottom, they keep your delicious food secure on the table.
BUDGET-FRIENDLY BULK OPTION FOR STRESS-FREE EVENTS – Streamline your preparations with TaidMiao bagasse disposable plates available in packs of 100. Never worry about running out of plates again, and spend more time savoring your meals and enjoying the company. Their water and oil-proof design ensures they remain intact, even with the heartiest servings, making your events stress-free and enjoyable.

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