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Police tear gas, arrest pro-Palestine students attempting encampment at University of South Florida

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Police deployed tear gas Tuesday afternoon against a circle of University of South Florida students attempting to set up a …


42 Comments to Police tear gas, arrest pro-Palestine students attempting encampment at University of South Florida

  1. Our Heavenly Father said we got to wash our hands from the germs of Germany and their immortal combat of alienated angels 👽🍎🛸 covenant area 51 and Israel iron dome from alienated angels 👽🍎 and many measurements. The germs of Germany germ any one and everywhere they went and squatting in the cravivese outside their own germy land and Christ taught his disciples not to be caught sleeping and I tell the germs of Germany don't let the door 🚪 hit you where the good Lord has split you

  2. Proper policing , meanwhile here in the uk police and labour politicians and our muslim mayor protect the pro Palestinians, want blasphemy laws introduced and more done to protect muslims from verbal attacks from.countrt protests or those of us who have had enough of seeing islamists taking over our country. Nobody can believe that nobody in parliament will stand up to the islanists , labour and sadiq khan almost seem to be spearheading the uprising , both relying on the muslim votes of course. Whatever will our weak government do for pro Palestinians next , turn Buckingham palace into a mosque , introduce a call to prayer across London , allow them to dictate what we can and cannot do i.e strip Britain of the freedoms we've had for centuries and allow the islamists to implement THEIR laws and beliefs ? Anyone who can't aee whats happening or refuse to speak out publicly about whats happening is as much to blame for the demise of our country and you should be ashamed , moreso if your grandparents fought and died in the wars to defend Britain , for what ? So islamists can just be given a green light to be granted everything. Am I angry ? You're damn right I am and THATS why im now a British patriot and will march/protest with the thousands like me who still give a damn about our country.

  3. Sames happening in England today, France Spain piand already got rid. Australia to and want let no more in, Norway same. Looked like they will be dropped off either in PALISTINE or far east country's

  4. Seems to be more cops than protesters at your campus . Here in London there were thousands of these pro Hamas morons marching our streets shouting abuse at our King and country .

  5. Your right to free speech is protected. Your right to protest is protected. Your right to assemble is protected. But you do not have the right to restrict access and blockade, and that's why these are getting shut down.

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