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MUST WATCH: Did You Ever Think That THIS Is How Trump WILL End Up WINNING?

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MUST WATCH: Did You Ever Think That THIS Is How Trump WILL End Up WINNING? #donaldtrump #donaldtrumpnews …


40 Comments to MUST WATCH: Did You Ever Think That THIS Is How Trump WILL End Up WINNING?

  1. Every American should be voting for Trump. Blacks, whites, Asians etc will all suffer. Hyper inflation is going to bankrupt all of us. It’s this bad during an election year imagine 4 years from now. 😬 I make just over 100k a year and I’m living tighter already. Took a while but I’m pretty much check to check. Middle class homeowner says you’ll never own a home unless you’re making more than what I make. Js. Biden needs to go.

  2. So, what is the Left’s next move? We need to guard Trump’s heart, mind & body.
    Imagine MKUltra, Neurolink, or IF Trump is compromised!
    We The People, need to BEWARE and BE IN CHRIST!
    Are you?

  3. Civil war is coming. Voting is a sham. Dont fool yourself again with this nonsense. Meanwhile Ukraine and Palestine are in shambles because your government has to disrupt other countries policies. We need to look at us first and foremost. We the people are to blame for this clown show! One word (Ascension). Rise above educate yourself on what is right in front of your face. Stay black and stay strong.

  4. Wont matter if they cheat again. How fast the people forget never ceases to amaze me. The GOP ballots thrown into the ditches, hidden in lockers, etc., the ballot harvesting, those who voted twice, 1st in their own state via mail, & then in another in person, the millions of mail in voteswith signatures that in no way match the signature of record. Let's not forget how the GOP vote counters were kicked out of the polling places, & the windows blocked so they couldn't witness the cheating, as many ballots, 1000s of them, were counted upto 10 times. How about the city official caught on video, voting 3 times, etc. & PA breaking their own state law by changing their state constitution without following the method prescribed in that sacred document, & those who went to vote who were told they had already voted when they hadn't. Mail in voting is suppose to be reserved for those in the military or out of the country & those who otherwise haven't the ability to go to the polls, not for the lazy person who just wants to get the Chore out of the way. Voting is not a Chore, it's one of the rights we possess, perhaps the most valuable. BTW, my ballot in the midterms (2022) was among those that were part of the crap about the machines suddenly bring out of order & thus, my ballot was among those found in box that had been thrown in a ditch. Also, I was among thousands who stay up ALL night 3+ years ago during the last presidential election. A goodly number of us, on our computers & phones, etc. took hundreds of pix, we saw the votes swap from Trump to biden. We took pix of the before & after that took place in less than a minute as we went from state to state for hours.
    BTW, who does all these polls I hear about. I've been voting since Reagan, & never, not once have I ever been polled, & I lived in CA & NV, & AZ in or near major towns. So here's my plan… If Trump doesn't win, I'm simply returning to the land of my forefathers, & my family has been in the U.S. since the 16th century. We came over, the 2nd time, as part of the Stuart restoration.

  5. With the illegals it was even proven on video with stickers saying when you get into America vote for Joe Biden so we can stay open for four more years

  6. The dems called up the demons to call in and complaIn about Judge Cannon……she is being very fair……the dems are so afraid of TRUMP WINNING BY A LANDSLIDE…..GOD BLESS TRUMP

  7. I am not black but I admire and appreciate your black commentators and those you interviewed, they are very knowledgeable, smart to realize the truth and the current events UNLIKE many white, black, brown etc…. Who CANNOT SEE THE TRUTH, THE CURRENT EVENTS, CORRUPTION in the BIDEN Administration.

  8. Trump didn't get a fair trial. They shouldn't even have wasted the American tax dollars . They knew what they (dems) verdict was going to be !! Trump 2024 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤.. if Trump doesn't get it Democrats have promised that taxes will go up and you won't be able to live b/c they will take your freedoms by keeping you broke . Biden has sold us out for $ to communist countries. Love your country !!! We can not take 4 more years of what we have now, people !!!!

  9. I’m glad and thankful that many Americans specially among the Black community are waking up, opening their eyes and feeling and realizing the TRUTH that ECONOMY was much better with President TRUMP, that every promise President Trump in 2016 he FULFILLED, that he is the only president who helped Black Americans supporting Black universities and creating jobs for everyone and DRILLING OILS which made cost of gas low and USA gas independent unlike president Biden begging for gas in the middle east.

  10. We are governed by a group of elites who believe they belong in power and are obligated to retain that power by any means necessary. Which is why we no longer have legitimate elections.

  11. 34 count verdict means when you J-walk or pee on the street you can be charged for FELONY whoever you are. The DOJ, AG, State Judge can say…. “The Constitution does not apply in this state” … you won’t even have the right to speak. You get GAG and then JAIL.

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