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LIVE: Fauci Testifies Before House Select Subcommittee on Coronavirus Pandemic

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Dr. Anthony Fauci, former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, testifies on the Coronavirus …


38 Comments to LIVE: Fauci Testifies Before House Select Subcommittee on Coronavirus Pandemic

  1. These Democrats say that Dr ouchie is getting death threats because of the Republicans calling him out for the bullshit he says but his policies killed lots and lots of people needlessly so why wouldn't it just be the people being angry from their own experiences?

  2. Boy this Democrats are just incredible! They sit here and say how terrible it is that Dr ouchie is getting death threats and harassed by the American people but then on the other hand they praise and encourage the people for harassing judges that don't agree with their point of view!

  3. Raskin says that fauci probably wishes he was a convicted felon because the Republicans treat them with love and admiration which is a flat out lie it's the Democrats that hold felons and criminals and high regard! I don't like Republicans but I can say at least they value the rule of law while the Democrats are more than happy to tear down the country.

  4. Not every liar is a Democrat BUT every Democrat IS a liar! How can these people sit there and say things that have been absolutely verified were not true?!

  5. Read THE REAL ANTHONY FAUCI. Facts people. That man is a disgrace to science! Thank you MTG, you’re right! He is not a DR to the American people that actually have brains to read facts !

  6. The Democrats have politicized the pandemic, refusing to see that Fauci's mandates destroyed livelihoods and lives. They actively censored early treatment protocols. They are either totally deceived or totally evil.

  7. I posted in march 2020 telling Trump to fire faucie the first time i heard him speak on march 12 2020, he struck me as a blowhard. And Trump ignored me, and fauci screwed Trump royally, i didnt trust him about anything.

  8. Fauci is like the fireman that whose actions unintentionally starts a fire that would have never happened on its own and admits his actions saved millions of lives from the fire that would have existed without him.

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