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Hamas military wing claims it launched ‘big missile’ attack on Tel Aviv

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Sirens sounded in Tel Aviv as rockets were fired from Rafah, southern Gaza. Hamas claimed responsibility for the barrage.


29 Comments to Hamas military wing claims it launched ‘big missile’ attack on Tel Aviv

  1. The lands that Israeli's stole, and continue to steal, will not know peace until the Zionists free all Palestinians to return and freely occupy their native soil, as is their God given right. Might does not make right. There will always be those who actively oppose the Zionists and they will continue to do so as history has demonstrated.

  2. It was a major mistake. I think for Hamas to set those fireworks over there not to Israel like that for them. It proved that Israel had taken all of Rafa despite their claims to the public, so that might have embarrassed them a little. However, they didn't do any damage to anybody that Israelis know they're only toy fireworks and don't do anything so they're going to use that as an excuse now to crack down and and not do with the Ike you know, not that they were going to anyway, but not too correct not to follow the international criminal courts recommendation they stopped. Now they have the excuse to go in and kill a lot of people, so that was a major mistake on the boss's party

  3. "Every time anyone says that Israel is our only friend in the Middle East, I can't help but think that, before Israel, we had no enemies in the Middle East." – Fr. John Sheehan of the Jesuit order

  4. A 😮😢😢😮😮😢 bad & nasty 😮😢😮😮😮😮 retired director from General Dynamics, previously worked in San Diego, probably more than 85 yrs old now, is abusing US Gov's monitoring satellite to harass normal US civilians, inside USA & all over the world for his own entertainment & amusement.

    These remote sensors of the monitoring satellites are capable of interpreting the words you're thinking in your mind, may be, by air vibration or by scanning the brainwaves from your brain.

    The Israeli IDF are using similar satellite technologies to spy on the Hamas leadership hiding deep inside the Gaza Tunnels. IDF once released footage of these videos in much degraded resolution.

    This could also have been the way how our intelligence services obtained classified information on Xi Jinping's missile deployment within China.

    This retired General Dynamics director could have been the mastermind behind the plane crash killing the Secretary of Commerce Ronald Brown of the Clinton Administration, in the plane crash in 1996 in Croatia.

    The United States as we learned and studied in American high school does not exist anymore; it has been destroyed.

    United States have been dead. American citizens don't have human rights.

    This retired Director of General Dynamics is indeed a national disgrace of the United States.

    If this America disgrace wants to harrass any American civilian, he just puts the name of this American into our Gov. blacklist for monitoring, and he can harass this American civilian.

    United States must stop this disgrace retired director from General Dynamics.

    Our Congress should carry out an investigation into our Gov satellite misuse. I am willing to testify in Congress.

    I can give White House my name and let them check if I have been wrongly put onto the blacklist of terrorists for monitoring, just for some retired director from General Dynamics for his personal amusement and entertainment.

    I am requesting help here from White House. That's why I'm typing all these.

    White House can simply remove my name from the list of terrorists being monitored by the American intelligence services.

    I am the victim of abuse of American monitoring satellites.

    It's easy to check. White House may check if my name is on the terrorist monitoring list. I am willing to contact White House.

  5. Bravo👍👍Hamas,Bravo👍👍 al Quds,Bravo👍👍 Hizbullah,Bravo 👍👍al Qassam,Bravo 👍👍mujahiddin,Bravo 👍👍 to all palestine fighters.Allah with u,🤲🤲🤲


  7. Hamas needs to stop hiding in school, hospitals and residential areas. If they want to protect Gazans then fight IDF in the open, don’t hide behind women and children.

  8. I am still waiting for this channel to say a Hamas terrorist was killed in Gaza today instead of only saying a Palestinian civilian was killed in Gaza today…So biased

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