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Biden’s proposal acknowledges failure of the Israeli war on Gaza by Israel and US : Barghouti

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US President Joe Biden has presented what he says is a new Israeli ceasefire proposal to end the war on Gaza. He says the …


35 Comments to Biden’s proposal acknowledges failure of the Israeli war on Gaza by Israel and US : Barghouti

  1. Here in NW London my work colleague is Israeli, he openly said this…

    ‘There mothers are terrorists, what do you think their kids will grow to be?, all must go before It's too late (long live Israel) ’.

    Wow! 😮😮😮

  2. Joe biden is an evil man, He is trying to use the Gaza war to win elections. Thats why now he is calling for the war to end but Russia and other nations where calling for seize fire months ago. This clearly shows the True colours and the Evilness of the West. Palestians have died and suffered because of the Americans.

    America, Britain, lsreal and other western countries are the Terrorist of the World. Now they are playing ball to blame Hamas if a seize fire is not accepted. This is bullshit💩

  3. This man called Mustafa when ever I listened to your response about hamas terrorist war with lsreal I get more disappointed a groups of cowards are hiding under the ground and left women and children's above the ground and you called such people brave fighters. Why did so many of you in that part of the world have heart of pharaoh the old egytians leader ?

  4. It’s Biden and Netanyahu propaganda plans to reduce public anger nothing else. At the end, blaming Hamas and continue genocide in Gaza and Palestinian land.
    Biden vetoed 3 times in UN, as a result more than 100 thousands innocent Palestinian civilians killed and injured, Israeli arrested innocent civilians, professional, stripped them and mass murdered them , buried alive , how cruel Israeli Zionist are!!!
    Germany kicked out Zionist from Germany, created Holocaust, now supporting Israeli Genocide in Gaza and Palestinian land.
    Whole world please help Palestinian resistance groups to kick out Zionist from Palestinian land to Germany, Zionist can fight for their own ancestors land in Germany but not in Palestinian land.
    Biden and his officials are great liars, more than 145 billion taxpayers dollars gave to Israeli to continue genocide and war crimes in Gaza and Palestinian land, 75 years Genocide and Occupation makes Palestinian unbearable, send back Zionist to German land soon.

  5. Netanyahu is just buying time. Lip service to the deal while they continue to bomb and advance their genocide. What he is doing now is just suicidal. You have to assume his ultimate goal is a world war. He’s delusional. He is a psychopath- like a rabid dog. He will never quit- he will die in office.

  6. Is there any way in law to bring a case at ICC against genocide Joe?? If there is a way, any country should bring a case against genocide Joe because he deeply involved with genocide in the state of Palestine.

  7. The deal must include recognition of Israel of an Independent soverign Palestinian state with its own military after an election and protection to all Palestinian in WB and Jerusalem and removing of settlements

  8. How can any reasonably "aware" person trust Netanyahu ( he's of Polish Jewish extraction and his real name is Mielkowicz after the Polish town his people are from ), or Joe Biden? They're both nasty corrupt frauds and should be seen as such. Nothing more. and nothing less. And let's be frank: the Israel-American "connection " is a parasitic one, like a bad marriage the two involved parties can't end.

  9. Americans cannot possibly be seen as honest brokers in any future talks in view of their support of Israel in the genocide and denial of ICC jurisdiction ! USA cannot possibly be trusted to act with any fairness. It’s noteworthy no mention is made to release thousands of Palestinians detained arbitrarily in the West Bank in the past few months and the continued expansion of illegal settlements in East Jerusalem and West Bank!!!
    Arrest warrants need to be issued by the ICC asap 😮

  10. Israel one of the most modern and new weapons army in world fails against Hamas that fight with limited and handmade weapons. What if Hamas have what israel have today?

  11. Israel lost the war as the will of the Palestinians were very high. They supported Hamas who were fighting for them. Israel sre occupiers n have no right to be in Palestine. Gobhome isrsel. Leave alone yhe Palestinians

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