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Trump judge faces a ‘serious problem’ if court returns guilty verdict: John Yoo

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Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General John Yoo argues Michael Cohen lacks credibility in the case against Trump and …


39 Comments to Trump judge faces a ‘serious problem’ if court returns guilty verdict: John Yoo

  1. Why do people that Kayleigh whatever her last name is can be objective, she worked at the Trump white house. There is nothing that this network says that I believe.

  2. Not indicting and prosecuting Trump would truly make the USA a so called “Banana Republic”. The term is classically used to describe countries with a ruling class of wealthy business people, a plutocracy, together with the military. So, the term is not quite fitting, however it is the term used by this Network to describe what they see as an unjust and politically motivated persecution of DJT. What is the USA? It is a Democratic Republic founded on the liberal ideas formulated under the era of Enlightenment. Freedom meant for them liberty, progress, tolerance, fraternity, constitutional government, and separation of church and state. Ring a bell? This involves deism, liberalism, republicanism, conservatism, toleration and scientific progress. All this might have escaped some of you whose family lineage spend the last centuries secluded out in the woods without coaches passing by, newspapers nor cable, however this is the USA’s heritage and foundation. So, instead of using the military to stage a coup, someone can come along and mesmerize a large swath of a populace with great fairytales about a possible future with a made up past, throw in a bit of anger directed at you fellow citizens, perhaps encouraging some hate too. Almost too easy, right. It is, and it has a name; Fascism. Yes, you got it, this is called Fascism. So basically what happened is this: you forgot, or never knew, the basic tenets of your country, then elected a bumbling moronic TV personality/real estate developer with a well known history of shady business dealings and a penchant for lying and self aggrandizement. He’s a fool, a dangerous fool. He’ll burn your country down just to feel important and you suckers are cheering him on. You used to have allies in the world, you still do, but perhaps not for long if this continues. Sure you can make new one. Unfortunately they will be whom your ancestors generations fought against. All the best, from Europe

  3. 4:51 I had to bail and turn my attention to this.. this is the kind of rage mongering that would drive me to commit a felony. Trump has effectively ruined political discourse for decades. do yourself a favor, make fake news and propaganda illegal in the free space if your brain. Do you have a lot of free space in your brain, if you don’t mind me asking? Seriously though, change the channel. The 12 jurors did their job. If they feel he was guilty, that’s good enough for me.

  4. They didn’t build their whole case on Michael Cohen. He was the last one to testify everybody else that was testifying lined up with what he was saying so they had people corroborating and paperwork and phone calls and text messages. I think the jury always takes the job seriously no matter who it is and we should not discredit our court system

  5. I firmly believe "Juan Colombian Merchan" should be placed in prison for his partisan political abuse of his judiciary position. He was bias, abusive against the defense, deliberately mislead the jury. No trial fir Merchan, just 50 years with hard labor.

  6. trial judges make mistakes (just like anyone) – why we have appellate courts; HOWEVER, this judge made so many errors on an ongoing basis this it seems unlikely they are unintentional.

  7. But Blanch didn't nor did Blanch reject during Stormy questions, the JUDGE DID! What a crappy lawyer.
    When is Trump going to spend money of lawyers instead of chincing out??
    Why they lost! Hiring a Prosecutor to try a case as a Defense Atty, usual doesn't work out!

  8. In a nation worth living in, in a democracy rather than an authoritarian state, where people have constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms, no one is above the law. Those who have lost their moral compass and regard for factual reality will disagree.

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