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Pride Month Is Already IMPLODING!!!

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50 Comments to Pride Month Is Already IMPLODING!!!

  1. I boycotted Target over abortion, then went back after they backed out. Then, boycotted over Trans"women" being able to change in dressing rooms and go to our restrooms, then the special swimwear and gender neutral toy aisles. I'll probably never be back!

  2. As s happly partnered homosexual man, i do not understand why anyone would have a need to celebrate their sexuality, and for a month! Super wierd! And for sexually explicit behaviour on the streets: keep it in the bedroom.

  3. If you don’t wanna be messed with, why do you draw so much attention yourself by making yourself look the weirdest way possible. I would think that if you just came in casual like most people do you would never have as much attention. I really think these people want the attention they really wanna be to look at even if it’s in the negative way.
    It’s stupid unless you were like a clown or something and that was your job. I would understand but to draw negativity to yourself on purpose doesn’t make sense.

  4. Yes but…..They hate capitalism….and selbrate pridemonth when you get your vacation money.
    AND a lot of big coorperations sponsor this in the month you get youre vacation money.

  5. Why do corporations cater to these morphadites?!! They don't WORK!!So you are catering to mommy and daddy,cause somebody has got to feed and clothe these people who end up living in Mommy's and Daddy's basement!!!! PATHETIC!!

  6. Everyone is abandoning Pride month. Ive been in multiple Walmarts recently, including in California, and there wasnt any Pride displays. Instead i saw early 4th of July displays, never been happier to see a store put out holiday stuff too earlier, MAGA

  7. yeah, abortion being called "Healthcare"….assinine…..women have a "Choice"……vagina "Open for Business", or "Closed for the Season"……that's your CHOICE…….abortion is MURDER……

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