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NTD Newsroom Full Broadcast (June 3)

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The president’s son, Hunter Biden, is in court today facing federal gun charges. It’s related to his former crack cocaine addiction.


26 Comments to NTD Newsroom Full Broadcast (June 3)

  1. The judiciary, especially in blue states, is corrupted & penetrated by hard left activists masquerading as judges. This has been growing in virulence for decades while we slept.

    I don't want all judges to have a conservative leaning either. I just want people wearing the robes to not be activists for either side.

    Of course nobody can be truly objective, but the judiciary are supposed to undergo rigorous training to put their biases aside.

    There should be a judicial review body that constantly monitors verdicts and courtroom behaviours that reveal a red flag of judicial bias. If it exists, it certainly is not doing its job.

  2. American politics!

    Very simple formula implemented by very few cunning, thieves, forgeries, frauds, treason group with the use of all the four pillars combined efforts to control the nation for their personal benefits and not for people welfare.

    They want total power and keeping their selected individual as head of nation.

    Others cannot easily become president!

    Any one who is not complying their system will be ultimately killed or silenced.

    Unfortunately Mr. Trump is not their favourite and Mr. Trump a stubborn man and he never loss in his endeavours.

    The four pillars could not stop his first term of president,however the caucus applied pressure on him from day one till the end of his term.

    Very easily they could steal the 2020 election.

    Now they are using judiciary pillar to eliminate him.

    What God nature decided?

    My conclusion is Mr. Trump should come second term for the welfare of world population.

  3. I'm the one that sold Hunter Biden his Pistol and he did pass all of the questions on Federal Form 4473 including the question asking him if he used Marijuana or other Controlled Substances and he said he didn't and he did pass the NICS Check with the DOJ for the Firearms Transfer and there is no way they could honestly charge him with perjury. If he did start using drugs after I sold him that Pistol I know it ain't my fault… USA USA USA 🇺🇸 🌎

  4. I want to see how much exposure this is going to get over just one of Trump's courtroom debacles! And this is it?! He has so many other illegalities and along with his father? I'm so ready to say this is a joke because I want a conviction!!
    TRUMP 2024 🇺🇲 🇺🇲 🇺🇲

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