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Minneapolis police make “numerous” arrests after fireworks chaos in Dinkytown

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MINNEAPOLIS — Dozens of people were arrested in Dinkytown Thursday evening during a chaotic scene in which people shot off fireworks in the streets.

Video at the scene captured the mess that happened, as young people shot off fireworks towards others, towards the streets and towards cars. Minneapolis Police Chief Brian O’Hara said at a press conference on Friday afternoon that no one was seriously injured. 



“I’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff here just from working here a couple months, but I haven’t seen anybody try to injure another person with fireworks yet,” said Emily Schoon, an employee at Mesa Pizza.  

Schoon was working late Thursday night at Mesa Pizza during all the chaos.  

“The vast majority are not actually involved in shooting fireworks at people, but they are part of the problem because they are showing up as response to the social media and they are providing an audience for this stuff to continue,” O’Hara said.  

“It’s ridiculous that our residents and other people visiting our town have to deal with this egregious behavior,” said O’Hara. “That’s why our law enforcement response this year was different.” 

Minneapolis police had over 200 additional officers working. Ramsey County deputies, Minneapolis Park Police, University of Minnesota Police and State Patrol were also working throughout the city.

“When you’ve got 100 people coming into Dinkytown to do nothing but wreak havoc and cause harm, it’s a real problem,” said Erin Brumm, a member of the board of directors for local non-profit Campus Safety Coalition. 

The group was formed a few years ago, as a result of ongoing crime concerns near the University of Minnesota.

“It’s predictable, it’s frustrating and I really just don’t understand why we have to keep having these conversations,” said Brumm.         



Minneapolis police say that overnight they made thirty arrests and five citations.  

“These numbers will likely increase,” said O’Hara. “There were a number of different agencies involved in this operation and those reports are still coming in.” 

Of those arrested and given citations, 27 were adults and eight were juveniles. The ages range between mid-teen to early twenties. 

O’Hara said similar to last year a number of those involved were from outside the city of Minneapolis. 



“28 of these individuals are from outside Minneapolis,” said O’Hara. “Five of them are not even from Minnesota. They came from Kansas, Massachusetts and two from Maine.”  

“I was on the sixth floor, so it’s kind of concerning to have fireworks come up that high,” said Ben Lefebvre, who watched the chaos unfold from an apartment window. “We had one come a little too close to comfort from the window. And again those mortars sort of shook the building — they’re big. They’re kind of like grenades.”

Charges are being looked at and will likely be for rioting. O’Hara said specific individuals throwing mortars will be charged with assault as well.  

“We need to actually have some laws on the books and we need prosecutors that are going to prosecute the people that are doing this and put them in jail,” said Brumm.  

Night-time park and public space closures will continue this weekend. 

Ahead of the Fourth of July holiday, Minneapolis Police Chief Brian O’Hara said there would be a heavier police presence, and said if anyone threatens the safety or property of others, officers would act.

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