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LFR Family Breaks Down Robert De Niro’s Entire TDS Speech

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42 Comments to LFR Family Breaks Down Robert De Niro’s Entire TDS Speech

  1. He is Greek fake Hollywood elite that mockingbird media because liars they ones killed the innocent they was over in Chyna Ukraine that is real place wait until you find out the truth we been lied to all of are life’s for decades and decades it time stand up they want a NWO they taking our taxpayers money building a new temple in Ukraine for Antichrist do own research

  2. Trump does not tell his supporters not to do something. Why should he? The Democrats encourage their constitutes to cause trouble. The democrats bus the or fly the terrorist agitators to the scene of the crime. You tell us, the citizens of our great country why you don't get angry and denounce them. Donald Ĵ Trump is the only man alive with balls enough to try to do something about the destruction of our country.

  3. Robert De Niro, thinks just because you was in Raging Bull that he is a tough guy they can take a punch face. But it’s a movie, not real life.

  4. Hes scared of whats coming thats why he got involved robert is part of the swamp the dinos the elites and walt Disney stories horrible man getting Wrights for the series he does this he gets the wrights

  5. Said it all…agree…he out of touch…his name now means FooL 😅 and yes…what a bad Democrat decision from OUR White house. HE IS JUST DAMN GONE GOOFY! TRUMP 2024…will be a first time donater .

  6. Yeah, he’s a bee clown. He is looking for a spotlight. No movie for him. He got to come out and do something so people can remember him and we will remember him from now on for being stupid.

  7. I CAN NOT believe the LACK of JUSTICE in this verdict! I'm no expert, but I listen to people like Jonathan Turley, Andy McCarthy, Wesley Hunt, Vivek Ramaswamy, Greg Jarrett, Byron Donalds, Stephen Miller, and many, many others, and NONE of them can find a crime! I had hoped the twelve New Yorkers would get this right, but they DIDN'T. I strongly oppose and RESENT their interference in our presidential election. Who is this compromised judge, these corrupt prosecutors, and twelve Manhattanites to meddle in our presidential election?! They are scared to death of President Trump because they are losing POWER, and it shows!! This is the most disheartening day for our country that I've ever experienced, and it's truly painful for me.

    I will NOW work even harder to support President Trump in every way that I can. I believe there are many more patriots like me who are now going to do everything we LEGALLY can to right this wrong. I also believe that this unjust verdict will awaken the SLEEPING GIANTS of our country. It is now time for us to rise up and do everything LEGALLY possible to fight the evil Democrat Party. They have hijacked our justice system and weaponized the FBI, CIA, and the IRS. Our educational system is indoctrinating our children, and I'm fed up with it. I want JUSTICE for President Trump and ACCOUNTABILITY for the complicit officials involved in this conspiracy. I STAND WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP, forever!! This injustice is EVIL, and we MUST vote these monsters 👹 out of office. Trump/Ramaswamy 2024 eM6

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