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Latinos and Blacks Show MASSIVE Support to Trump

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43 Comments to Latinos and Blacks Show MASSIVE Support to Trump

  1. What bothers me about Black Democrats is, that they willingly remain with their old slave masters. KKK, Jim Crow, genocidal Planned Parenthood, Great Society, Crime Bill (Biden), mass incarceration, prison industrial complex…. Let that sink. Frederick Douglas, Booker T Washington, Malcolm X & Co. would turn in their graves. Btw, that race card bs started with the communists… What we witness today is the result of a decades-long attempt to dumb down Western society.

  2. I really don’t care if it’s a democrat or republican for president I just want to vote for the best candidate that is going to do the best job for the country and the people

  3. They are trying to put that man in prison for what? Because he love his country, and want his people to have a better life, if God is for you who can be against you may God give president Trump strength.

  4. Black people finally waking up, and also the Haitian people are saying no more what they are doing to Haiti right now is very sad 😭😭😭 they are destroying that country shame shame that's ok November is coming.

  5. One problem… i love all these people coming together and talking sense and enjoying themselves but if they dont go to vote than we can't win! Please people VOTE!!❤ much love

  6. These corrupt Democrat politicians will pander t0 the black community by offering them reparations..they will try and past a fake ass bill just so they can made Republican s out to be the villains to win back the black votes ..because they know Republicans arent going to past this bill not when are economy is in decline..they are desperate and will try anything to remain in power so these elite Democrat corrupt politicians can finish destroying our Nation…they imported a new voter base to replace the black remember that come November..none of us has fully felt the repercussions of Biden s open border policy yet but its acoming..what we are seeing is just the beginning..

  7. Yes everybody wants a dishonest deviate for their president, what happened to men of good moral character? This man will embarass your nation all over again, America needs another DR King type person, not as in color but as in the quality and integrity of the leaders soul, I hope you find pne. This rally is hardly anything big amongst millions of people and iys rife with propaganda. Bidens no better, theyre flawed, corrupt liars, I feel bad fror your nation.

  8. Notice, THOUSANDS of ppl and no violence, everyone happy, sharing the love. Same way with all Trump rallies, no violence , nothing but peace/love/happiness supporting candidate of their choice.

  9. Extreme nationalism: Fascist leaders believe in the supremacy of certain groups of people based on characteristics such as race, religion, ethnicity, and nationality. Hitler and his Nazi Party, for instance, advanced the idea of Aryan (essentially white Germanic) racial superiority. The most extreme example of this ethnocentric nationalism was the Nazis' state-sponsored mass murder of six million Jews. The Holocaust, as it came to be known, involved eleven million murders total, including five million gay people, Roma people, people with disabilities, and others whom the Nazis deemed inferior.

    Cult of personality: Fascist regimes cultivate images of their leaders as great figures to be loved and admired, often through mass media and propaganda. In Italy, Mussolini’s photograph hung on the walls of classrooms while his political party encouraged all good citizens to purchase a Mussolini-themed calendar each year. Masculinity was central to this cult of personality. To maintain a powerful image, Mussolini prohibited journalists from reporting on his age or health issues and often took photographs posing with a lion or riding a horse. Mussolini, or Il Duce (“the leader”), took on a mythical status, and even the pope chalked up Il Duce’s survival of assassination attempts to divine intervention.

    Popular mobilization: Although both authoritarian and fascist governments are anti-democratic, leave little room for dissent, and strive to centralize power, the two types of regimes are not the same. Authoritarian governments want the population to remain passive and demobilized, whereas fascist regimes demand public participation in society through government-organized channels. Both Mussolini and Hitler, for instance, drew massive crowds in rallies intended to stir up enthusiasm for the country, the party, and the leader. Indeed, citizens could come under suspicion for refusing to take part in such activities. In this regard, fascist regimes often exhibit totalitarian tendencies by attempting to not just dominate politics but also control the hearts and minds of their citizenry.

    How did fascists come to power?

  10. All colors together . I love that my sist3rs and brothers of all rac3s coming t9gether and have woke up. Democrates use people of color. Republicans love you and fought to f4r slaves. Democrates were the ones saying keep.slavery. study you will see

  11. I’m a Latino from the Bronx, and I’ve never seen so much openly Trump supporters like today compare to 4 years ago, I use to be a democrat from NY, I’m voting Trump! Trump 2024 🇺🇸

  12. Everything is at stake here. This country will be a communist dictatorship in six months after election. If they win. You will own nothing abd not be happy. Your house your land will no longer belong to you.

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