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Former President Trump speaks at Libertarian National Convention to Libertarians and MAGA

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Former President Trump speaks at Libertarian National Convention to Libertarians and MAGA. Filmed by Ford Fischer.


9 Comments to Former President Trump speaks at Libertarian National Convention to Libertarians and MAGA

  1. E pluribus unum.
    Out of many, One.
    Out of many ideologies, out of many states, out of many wants and needs, and to many more states to come, to each their own, all bound together by natural law and market/darwinian principles, we must create one front, the home we love, and send the forces of entropy and tyranny back to where they came from. We have two enemies: one would line every last one of us against the wall, and burn everything to the ground, innovative capital included, as has happened with every marxist nation that's flirted with the ideology, and impose the conditions of Dr. Calhoun's Mouse Utopia on a borderless global scale; The other would lord over us now and forever with the aid of AI, command economies, constrict innovation and human flourishing, would deny us our place in the stars, and with a smile on their faces, starve the human race into extinction.
    Both of them have similar ends, and have formed a pact, conspiring against the republic and all that remains of Western Civilization. The democrats and labour parties all over the world are overextending themselves in catering to radical revolutionaries and the elite. We all know darker days are coming, and the leftist factions under Soros and the WEF plan yet darker deeds. Now more than ever, is the opportunity for the Libertarians to assert themselves and replace the Dems. Trump, in this moment in time, is offering you such a chance. He is offering you a place to moderate his excesses if they ever become excessive. You have the opportunity to shape the future to your ends for generations to come. You have the chance to prove the superiority of your ideas with the states shall you allow the proverbial bull to mow down the china shop that is the fed. He is offering you resources. When the coming crisis blows over, whatever shape it takes, or the Democrats jump the shark and off the cliff into oblivion, seize all that you've earned, and all that's given to you, and push. Use your leverage to eek out and get more leverage. then more, then even more.This is your chance.
    Take what you get, or lose it all.
    Brothers and sisters, despite our many differences, I implore you to band together, or perish alone. Let us protect this village, let us protect our home. This is our responsibility, not only to ourselves, but to those who will come after us…
    "Join, or Die" – Benjamin Franklin

  2. It's actually a mixed reception. Boos and cheers. Libertarians are rough. Progressives and the dissident right, really dislike them. The latter claims the want to just not have a nation any longer.

  3. Libertarian National Convention trump was booed!!! Audience support was NON existent. LOL!!! Standing O for RFK Jr. Better open your eyes and see what’s ahead! Because it’s already arriving. Thunder and BOOM! RFK Jr

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