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DRAMA: Seth Rich HA Goodman Conspiracy Theory Followup

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One and only followup video to the HA Goodman drama related to our segment on the 5/31/2017 show about the Seth Rich …


49 Comments to DRAMA: Seth Rich HA Goodman Conspiracy Theory Followup

  1. H.A Goofman aka Harold Aaron Goodman should be indited for having a face for radio! Word is his mother tied a pork chop around his neck so the family dog could play qith him..

    No kidding his name is HA, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha..

    By the way Hillary & Bill Clinton were at Conald & Melania's wedding.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…

    Russia if your listening we would like to deport Harold Aaron Goodman to Russia.

  2. Jesus, @op really IS a pretentious little shit. I was surfing and came across this channel, and stopped to check it out. FYI: I saw HA on a cable news channel, haven’t seen @op ANYWHERE. He has a hell of a lot more credibility than someone who assumes that the only way anyone would have heard of anyone would be from THEIR channel.

  3. Over a year later and HA Goodman is still claiming that the indictment of Hillary is "imminent"! His name should be HAHAHA instead of just HA. Not only that, but he has now come out as a full-on Trump deplorable and is supporting Trump for 2020. Doesn't surprise me at all. I knew he was a fake progressive from the first time I saw him. He's a total shill for Trump and Putin talking points. How anyone could take someone so removed from reality and fact seriously is beyond comprehension. Reading these comments below are hilarious because it shows that David was right all along. But no matter how much evidence comes to light, no matter how many guillty pleas, confessions and convictions, Trump and his lackeys like Ha just keep acting like their fictional version of reality is truth. Their bravado is impressive. Either they are extremely good actors, pathological liars, or pure nutcases. The hardcore Trumpanzees only believe what they say because it's what they want to believe whether it's true or not. At some point though they'll begin to realize how stupid they look and they'll turn on Trump and his shills. The Kremlin paid trolls will still keep posting nonsense as long as Putin pays them. Those who chose Trump are on the wrong side of history and those "pundits" who so blatantly lied for Trump will forever have that on their record and no one will ever take them seriously again. They destroyed their own credibility and for what? A traitor who sold out his country? A crooked administration? A criminal mob with allegiances to a foriegn hostile authoritarian dictator? I can't imagine how it could be worth it to be propagandist for someone so ethically and intellectually bankrupt as Trump. In the end though, David is getting the last laugh, as will Mueller and many others who had the intelligence to look at facts and think critically about this situation.

  4. so you dont believe the email stuff yet you believe that russia hacked the election when cenks map was right

    that makes 0 sense and dylan ratigan even proves that

  5. david no exist polls were done you cant say there was ever a time when hillary was beating sanders in the poll

    in fact if hillary was so sure to win why the fuck did she need to send her husband to close voting polling places on primary election day

    also all of the polls proved that trump was going to win cenks map was right about trump winning and you claim hillary should have won that election

    you make 0 sense thx for this ha bisky vid anyways sanders will win in 2020

  6. The fact you STILL HAVEN'T PRODUCED THE QUOTES tells us all we need to know about you;

    You are a liar who think so little of his audience you don't think they have the mental capacity to look up the very conversation you mention and show on screen and not realise you where lying and misrepresenting what the other guy was saying.

    …Or pick up on the fact that the other guy is a published journalist with something like a 80 to 100 published articles. In other words, Goodman is a big fish and YOU are the nobody.

  7. So this week the X-FBI Director will testify before a congressional committee. As I've been saying for the past two weeks Trump will find something to distract the American public because he can't stop the Crazy Train. I was really worried that he would start a war on Wednesday. So yesterday the gulf states led by the Saudis (whom he just visited and sold 350 Billion worth of arms) decide to have a big row with Qatar despite not bothering with them for the last 20 years. Qatar also holds the largest US military base in the region. Instant headlines, instant distraction and Trump gets to play diplomat. What a transparent joke. The best way to distract the public and drive oil prices and profits up? A crisis in an oil producing country. It's so predictable that it's sad.

  8. David Pakman you are full of crap. You lie about H.A. Goodman and you perpetuate the idiotic Trump Russia collusion conspiracy theory. You've been called out on your BS over and over across all corners of the internet. Stop being just another Media Shill for the the establishment and have a little respect for yourself and your viewers.

  9. You need to provide the quotes or shut the fuck up, apologize, and retract the video (which you claim that was only tangentially related to H.R. – this despite the fact that his name was in the damned title). And why are you hammering H.R. for his poor prognostication skills but not those of all of the media leftists who predicted that that Hillary would defeat Trump?……Dis-ingenuousness perhaps?

  10. haha I dont want to spend much time on this… and then rants for 14 mins straight. Dude just apologize and move on. why do ppl make the same mistake over and over again.

  11. This is utter trash, David, and you know it. You have no respect for your audience. You literally show them the tweet where H.A. calls you out on attributing quotes to him that he NEVER made, claiming you would source them "tomorrow" (why not prior to making the video in the first place like any credible person would?), then proceed to never source the quotes. Because you are a liar. They do not exist. He never said he had an FBI source. Ever. He never said Bernie was going to be POTUS no matter what post the primaries (it was contingent upon HRC being indicted which would have thrown the DNC into a death spiral where Bernie would have been the obvious substitute).

    If the law applied to HRC like it does for everyone else, then she would have been indicted and prosecuted. His commentary was no different than you claiming HRC was going to beat Trump.

    And he isn't just "some guy who makes YT videos". He has been published 100+ times and has made appearances on CNN, MSNBC, and other outlets. Have you?? Seems like you're vying for a job at faux leftist outlet TYT where you can propagandize whatever the DNC sends them and still feel important. Don't act like you don't know what you're doing. No respect given, none deserved.

  12. Using TYT tactics. "People who disagree with me are Right Wing Trolls. They only seem to show up when I make things up, how strange. Instead of presenting any evidence I'm just going to attack other peoples credibility even though I have none."

  13. "Let me spend time talking about how little down votes matter to me". If they didn't matter, why mention it at all? You're perfectly happy to have that low level of credibility attached to all videos? That is just yet more dishonesty from Pakman.

  14. You are an outlier, people like you that push a political agenda to slander someone else's name is disgusting. You're a nasty person and should be ashamed of yourself. You are no different from the TYT.

  15. When will you provide the supposed quotes?? Yes, we agree with you, you ARE NOT credible, the only true thing you said. WE will not consider the matter closed until you formally apologise to HA Goodman.

  16. Never heard of you until yesterday. Went to Twitter, and it's obvious that your credibility is on the line here buddy. You are pushing this bogus Russian narrative, and there simply is no evidence to support your claims. Clinton sure did secure the candidacy, but not in any up in up, or legal manner. I suggest you read the leaked emails. Get your facts straight!

  17. No mention at all, about the corruption making Hillary's nomination possible but H.A. making a solid prediction that didn't pan out makes him a hack? What a fucking joke Hackman🖕

  18. I am an Iraqi war veteran and I have been following your podcast for awhile. I have like your news sources up until this point. I will have to disagree with you on this David.

    After this I'll have to unfollow. I don't like dishonest channels especially when you like to double down the on the story.

    Wish you the best


  19. David! What the hell dude!!!!
    I used to watch a video of yours every now and then if I came across it and it was on a subject I was interested in.
    Not anymore!!!
    Mental gymnastics like I've never seen.
    You have no credibility in my eyes unless you issue a retraction and explain yourself.

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