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Donald Trump becomes first former US president to be criminally convicted – Sky News coverage

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Watch live from New York as Donald Trump is found guilty of 34 counts of falsifying business records relating to hush money …


48 Comments to Donald Trump becomes first former US president to be criminally convicted – Sky News coverage

  1. A translator who served great AMERICA faces two great dangers to the life of his family and to his life. He sends a message to the honorable USA President, Joe Biden!


    Un traducteur qui a servi la grande Amérique fait face à deux grands dangers pour la vie de sa famille et pour sa vie. Il envoie un message à l'honorable président américain, Joe Biden !


    Un traduttore che ha servito la Grande America affronta due grandi pericoli per la vita della sua famiglia e la sua vita, invia un messaggio al rispettato presidente degli Stati Uniti Joe Biden!


    Ein Übersetzer, der dem großen Amerika gedient hat, sieht sich mit zwei großen Gefahren für das Leben seiner Familie und seines Lebens konfrontiert. Er sendet eine Botschaft an den ehrenwerten amerikanischen Präsidenten Joe Biden!


    偉大なアメリカに奉仕した翻訳家は、家族の命と自分の人生に対する 2 つの大きな危険に直面しています。彼は名誉あるアメリカ大統領、ジョー バイデンにメッセージを送ります。




    Un traductor que sirvió a la gran América enfrenta dos grandes peligros para la vida de su familia y para su vida. ¡Envía un mensaje al honorable presidente estadounidense, Joe Biden!



  2. Absolutely WRONG! Legal scholars from conservative and normal law schools are almost unanimous that Trump’s absurd adolescent behavior in front of the jury, plus his need to manage his own defense team (NOT) and their complete mishandling of their summation to the jury, led to the only outcome that even remotely made sense to adults…because jurors watch defendants very closely. Hence, guilty on 408 individual panel member votes (34 counts * 12). BTW, alternates also hinted that they felt Trump ruined his own chances. It’s on him dudes!

  3. Trump trips up over his own lies. Why did Trump have a non-disclosure agreement for something that never happened? Criminals & thugs get convicted. Try to be a man and face up to your disgraceful and scandalous behavior. "Lock him up!"

  4. The mayor says Riker’s is ready to imprison Trump.
    Home confinement is not an option in New York State.
    The probation officer will probably recommend imprisonment because of his lack of contrition and his menace to society.
    He has a platform & commands an army of heavily armed deranged thugs.
    His sentencing will probably be along the lines of Al Capone, John Gotti & El Chapo.

  5. People act as if Trump left billions of dollars of U.S taxpayer military equipment in Afghanistan but they are happier that Trump is convicted. That Texas sized Asteroid is taking to long to get here. Earth needs to start over again

  6. The DONKEY got a FELONY against him, a disgrace to the presidency, and the first one in 200 years of history to be convicted of crimes in the existence of America?

  7. A convicted felon can't vote, own a firearm, and good luck getting a job with a felony conviction, convicted tax cheat, and convicted sexual predator.

    But he can run for president???????????

  8. Trump will be President I hope. He did a good job last time and loves his country. The globalists don't like him because he doesn't like them. The Democrats will try anything to stop him running, so they can carry on destroying the country, for some reason.

  9. Trump was found guilty of a crime that was not against the law, While Joe Biden and Hunter are implicated WITH EVIDENCE in fraud and treason GO FIGURE

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