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Does Trump’s Verdict EVEN MATTER?? GOP Strategist Says ‘NO’: Amy Tarkanian

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GOP strategist Amy Tarkanian weighs in on how a guilty Trump verdict might help or hinder his prospects in November. #trump …


42 Comments to Does Trump’s Verdict EVEN MATTER?? GOP Strategist Says ‘NO’: Amy Tarkanian

  1. Just look at all that happened in the trial. It is evidence that it was rigged.
    The jury instructions were rigged to get a conviction and Trump has not told me anything. There was no evidence or proof on the legalality of the means used to commit a crime.

  2. This is a terrible prejudiced broadcast, no mention at all of the law fare wages against Trump.. No mention at all of at most a book keeping error boosted up into 34 felonies with potential jail time. This whole broadcast propaganda including the interviewers.

  3. You either want communism or you don't, it's a commonsense decision at this point, if you want cheap gas , no wars , lower taxes , secure borders , affordable economy, then vote Trump

  4. If our system of justice was perfect then yes, felons should not vote. But as we have seen the democrats are weaponizing justice precisely so they can say "Trump is a felon". And they have said it over and over and over and over and over again. The dishonesty of the democrat party is very clear to anyone not blinded by politics.

  5. So in their mind, if your opponent is beating you, just send them to Manhattan with an 85% dem voter base for the jury. Not allow the defense to actually defend. Get a judge who, face it, should have recused. Make the charges so cryptic, your opponent doesn't stand a chance. Yes, I bet you'd love that.

  6. Don't u see how ridiculous it is for Alvin Bragg to reduce serious felonies to mistamenors yet throw the book at an accounting entry that the statute of limitations has expired??

  7. Talk about picking your GOP strategist to fit The Narrative of your program. You have one middle of the road interviewer you have one on the left side of the left side interviewer wearing nightclub gear. The other interviewers were obviously understanding that this was a professional interview not something where you are wearing your nightclub gear. It's amazing to me as an independent watching the two sides go after each other. Yes people do notice how people present themselves in a information political show. It would be so cool to actually just get the honest information from people who are proud of the factual work they do. Nowadays all you get from the right and the left their idea of what is factual. It sure would be nice to actually have somebody to vote for instead of somebody to vote against

  8. It changes something. I was not planning on voting for Trump. Never have in the past. I will now. The weaponization of the court system cannot go unpunished. It might not be much, but the Democrat vote stealing machine just put one vote in their opponents column.

  9. The caption under Tarkanian should read "Establishment Strategist". Everything about this process that led to a conviction is a false. I don't need a so called (phoney) Republican Strategist telling me how to think.

  10. This is not an usual time period in the USA. The USA has been going in a political crisis. The main problem is an economic problem. The US- American national economy has got strong economic rivals in abroad countries. The Chinese economy is very intelligent, creative and very flexible.

    The international economic order has been still not balanced. Could you imagine, if the Russian economy would be so creative and strong like Chinese economy, what would change in the international economic markets? Former President, Mr. Donald Trump could manage and overcome at least reduce the economic problems of the US-American national economy.

    This pseudo juristic discussions, whether former President, Mr. Donald Trump is guilty or not, this question is a silly, mad question and let to sleep the US- American citizens about the realistic, very important aspects and questions of the weak points of the US- American national economy.

    Therefore, Suprema Court New York let to sleep the US- American citizens, this is like a hashish effect on the US- American citizens. The economic problems of the national US- American economy would be more and more bad in the coming, next years. Former President, Mr. Donald Trump wants to show the real existential economic problems of the US- American national economy.

    Therefore, he has been turned to a black sheep through some foxy, but incorrect ingenious people in the USA. It is really a very sad situation. The people outside of the USA can understand Mr. Donald Trump and the real economic problems of the US- American national economy much better than the native US- American citizens. Orhan Baki, a Mr. Donald Trump supporter from Şenlikköy- Florya/Istanbul- Türkiye.

  11. I’m more convinced than ever.. we can’t be having this crazy kind of political shenanigans… not by either side.. let the voters decide. This is just another tactic in a very long line of democrat interference in our elections. If we allow it, it’ll end up in USA’s demise… it’s bullsh1t

  12. Should of had a trump voter who changed her mind after the conviction on if you were just trying to get a trump hater on. She made her views so clear and it doesn't seem to have anything to do with the actual conviction. It's why I hate the republican party as much as democratic party. I'll vote trump but next time around if it's another haleyvor bush, then I'm out. I'd rather have biden than Haley.

  13. Thus verdict has turned me republican from now on. I've never voted republican in my entire life but now I'm voting republican in every election for the rest of my life. Sad country we live in now and as a veteran, im ashamed

  14. She blowing smoke, as a Trump voter and every one I know voted for Trump but all the those dead people voted from the graveyards, and voters that moved years ago only voted biden! But now the world is watching for this!

  15. So the judge, prosecutors, witness who stole money and DA has biases and they hate the defendant, but she says we can't question the justice system? Plus this is the same pary that wanted to overthrow the supreme court for overturning row v wade? TOTAL HYPOCRITICAL BULL*HIT

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