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Do you know who this guy is?

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46 Comments to Do you know who this guy is?

  1. I would rather vote for a man who's convicted of 34 pseudo charges against him. Then vote for a war monger who secretly and simultaneously of the reading of Trump's 34 pseudo convictions, issued an order to attack Russia that would kill millions of people if World War 3 started. So anyone who mocks President Trump and says he's a convicted. Felon should equally call Biden a war monger. Who is the real threat to democracy?

  2. For those who are wondering what will happen if Trump gets elected but is prevented to win due to the bogus felony thing. If it happens the speaker of the house is supposed to take over. I can not remember if there is supposed to be another vote in the mean time called but for sure the speaker of the house is supposed to take over, that is whats put in the books anyway. ( So no, those who think Joe is somehow going to get another term or some other strange thing like that, no. Its who ever the speaker of the house is. Currently the speaker of the house is a republican.. Bit of a rhino but still a republican. )

  3. Take the country back by force. It is the only option. They will not back down. They will steal this election.

    Prepare to use your second amendment right for its intended purpose. They will not take our country.

  4. “When you tear out a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you're only telling the world that you fear what he might say.” ― George R.R. Martin

  5. I honestly haven't voted for better than 10 years and I'm ashamed of it cause I always believed my vote wouldn't matter they will put whoever they want in there but I damn sure will be voting this November for DONALD TRUMP USA's true president

  6. He wouldn't feel the need to stand there and justify what he has done if he didn't think he had done anything wrong. A guilty conscience needs no accuser.

  7. When Trump becomes 47 he needs to get the states and Congress to legislate federal guidelines for voting in federal elections. There must be a paper trail ie there must be paper ballots that can/may be counted with machines. That way we can verify on paper peoples votes. Also we all need a Real ID to vote. If poor black people cant afford IDs then we draft into legislation that every citizen be tracked down and given one that way they don’t have their right to vote deprived. It’s the fair thing to do. Also we say that mail in ballots are not legal and only in certain circumstances they can be used like for senior citizens and people that can’t leave their homes etc. This must be signed by a physician. Also we make sure voting occurs only on one day if not two days maximum to ensure we don’t have a prolonged vote. This should occur all at once and all votes should be counted within 24-48 hours of the end of Election Day. Period. If we don’t do this we ensure that the election can be stolen. Besides this we need to get money out of politics. Our politicians should be banned from trading stocks while they serve. If they dont like it then don’t be in congress. Also their immediate families are not allowed to trade individual stocks and all financial transactions should be monitored and scanned during and before and after they are in office. Get rid of PACs completely. Only individuals should be allowed to donate to campaigns and PACs if they do exist. Corporations are not people and they should not be allowed to give money which biases our politics. Same with unions. They should not be allowed to give political donations. After this we might have a chance.

  8. IF Biden wins… Watch Colangelo get a nice cushy high-paying job somewhere in the Deep State… As reward for his criminal behavior.
    This will also miraculously happen for Alvin Bragg & "Judge" Juan Merchan.

  9. There will not be an election! "They" already know they cannot win so; they will declare war! and then say we can't hold an election on "war footing" and that will be the end of Democracy as the war footing will never be gone. It is control through fear.

  10. If they did this to President Trump, how much worse will it be for us. Those celebrating his unlawful guilty verdict should understand that they’re next. You only have yourself to blame. And believe me, you will not have to be told the old told you so, you’ll be living it. No one is safe from this tyrannical “government “

  11. Son its not the awakening of the average American you should be worried about its how many of those who are becoming more aware of the blatant abuse and utter corruption thats usurped our constitution and devoured the democrats what concerns me is how few of them will go to guns to save the Republic

  12. The Deep State is about to create so much violence in the streets of America? With a few tornadoes and a hurricane? Oh maybe even an earthquake? All created by U.S. government/Israel/Deep State. Which means mail in ballots. And war powers for the president.

  13. Legally, America is now somewhere between Orwell and Kafka. One of the most egregious examples of " Newspeak" is any time a Democrat uses the term " Democracy ". They are so petty and vengeful that they are willing to kill Democracy to save it, ( Insofar as they understand it at all ). Sheeple.

  14. if piss pants biden is "too frail and has a bad memory" DONT WE THINK HE SHOULDNT BE PRESIDENT THEN???
    cause of all people.. THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES… CANNOT be frail and have a bad memory.. LIKE WTF

  15. Demoncrats and their liberal Marxist Socialist WOKE ideology and followers are the only threat to this Beautiful Constitutional Republic of ours.

  16. Many people in his position would have moved up, either to become a judge to then attempt to be a supreme judge, or as a lawmaker. Stepping down to be some senior counsel to a DA? Makes no sense, unless something more sinister is at play.

  17. I want action on this immediately by republicans I don't care about any more talk. File every case from the fire alarm incident to the election interference to the showering with Bidens daughter.

  18. Something tells me, these traitors wont be laughing for much longer. Clinton, Obama, Biden and EVERYONE in the FBI need to be tried for treason in an attempt to overthrow an elected president. These people need to be punished. They have ruined everything.

  19. remember how they did alex jones? summary judgement. no trial judge said hes guilty and the jurors were there only to decide his punishment. They dont give two f's about the constitution.

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