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BREAKING NEWS: Trump Rails About ‘Rigged System,’ Brings Up ‘Retribuation’ At Mar-A-Lago Event

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Former President Trump speaks to Conserve the Culture student group visiting Mar-a-Lago, and answers’ reporters questions.


40 Comments to BREAKING NEWS: Trump Rails About ‘Rigged System,’ Brings Up ‘Retribuation’ At Mar-A-Lago Event

  1. a jasue.dios: lo masacraron’torturaron’humillaron’y lo quisieron destruir! Pero su padre lo amparó’ protejio” y lo resucitó! Y hoy estás sentado a la derecha del padre’ gobernando toda una nación’ y Trump lo vas a lograr’

  2. TTTRUM chúng tôi thấy ông quá là khổ , chỉ vì yêu dân , yêu nước , ông đã chiến đấu cho người dân mỹ và đất nước, để đòi lại quyền tự đó dân chủ cho nước mỹ , mà chính quyền JOBIDEN và kamala Harris lãnh đạo, đã sử sự với toàn dân mỹ như những kẻ độ tài , độc đảng , vì vậy họ muốn hãm hại ông chúng tôi rất ngưỡng mộ ông vì điều này , chỉ có ông mới nặng lại cuộc sống ấm no cho dân mỹ và thế giới được hòa bình❤❤❤❤TTTRUM 2024❤❤❤2024

  3. The Communist manifesto read to the Congressional Congress in 1963 reveals the taking over of America!! Today they are on target! President Trump has stood in their way therefore, he had to be stopped! He interfered with their agenda. Read it for yourselves, then you will see who the real enemy is! One man stands in the way for your freedom, for my freedom, for America's freedom!

  4. Absolutely no way all those corrupted people that have persecuted our amazing PRESIDENT TRUMP needs to make that real and JAIL all those that have make false accusations against him from Clinton to Garland and anyone involved in any of the charges against him and the media should be make accountable for the distortion of the real facts!!!!!

  5. They tried everything to get this guy! What’s next? I would not be surprised if an attempt to take him out in “other methods” occurs. This is getting ridiculous, how are they getting away with this blatant political manipulation and interference?

  6. He let Hillary walk in 2016. That speaks volumes…. he let them off, they are literally trying to get him locked up in prison with no secret service.

    It is time to punish the criminal politicians.

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