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38 Comments to Biden’s WORST NIGHTMARE Just Came TRUE!!!

  1. This is all well and good, but what will happen if Biden and the political establishment blatantly cheat and Biden becomes President again. Will anything be done about it? I'm afraid this election may be the beginning of the End of our Republic.

  2. Joe Joe Bidens hopes hangs on the actions plus a tremendous buy out of all law abiding citizens if they agree to be bought out by the NWO peoples money. He however as far a I am. Concerned I will refuse any compensations in the future. Observe the optics of the blue states. Please tell me what you see ok???? If you are ok with that optics then live in that environment.

  3. I hope you caught the act of desperation that occurred today, The Biden Administration rescheduled Cannabis to a Schedule III drug, paving the way for labialization of Cannabis. Now don't get me wrong I think this move is long overdue, however at this particular time it appears to be politically motivated to try and shore up Biden's Liberal cannabis using base. I'm a conversative but I've lived through some difficult medical battles that Cannabis has helped me through and continues to do so. But come on, any idiot can see what this move is trying to accomplish. Too little too late Sleepy Joe…!!!

  4. Biden’s uncle Bouzy kept yelling “DONT DONT” while being eaten by cannibals, yelled 
    “ PAUSE PAUSE” and the cannibals kept eating uncle bouzy deliciously. ( I am just in the mood)

  5. If we don't get Trump back we are going to be incredibly jacked. But I don't see how we can with Democrats and their operatives running the elections. It's going to be another cheat. Useless Republicans still aren't taking the fraud issue seriously.

  6. US Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) on Apr 29: “It is disgraceful that the International Criminal Court (ICC) is reportedly planning to issue baseless and illegitimate arrest warrants against Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and other senior Israeli officials,”

    ”The ICC should redirect its focus to Hamas and other Iran-aligned terror groups and prosecute them “for engaging in horrific war crimes.”

    “Such a lawless action by the ICC would directly undermine U.S. national security interests”

    “The Biden Administration must immediately and unequivocally demand that the ICC stand down and the U.S. should use every available tool to prevent such an abomination”

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