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🔴Biden’s Legal NIGHTMARE gets WORSE + Mitt Romney replacement spreads Trump FIRE!!

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Stephen Gardner and Senate Seat Hopeful Trent Staggs discuss the topic conservative news stories. …


28 Comments to 🔴Biden’s Legal NIGHTMARE gets WORSE + Mitt Romney replacement spreads Trump FIRE!!

  1. Can you see what's wrong here, I have been watching this channel for many months now and yet nothing has changed. The same corrupt administration is still in power and the war machine is being ramped up. They are giving away your money to keep illegals in hotels yet ex service staff are homeless living in tents. If you're a Democrat that what you support???? As a Democrat get rid of those who are wrecking your country. I use the word country loosely as a land with no borders is not a country.

  2. This has been the plan from the very begining.From fixing the election in 2020 to importing a enough immigrants to swing the 2024 election.Ensuring Democrat President add infinitum.

  3. If I could vote in Utah, I would vote for Trent. He sounds like he is the type of person who we need to represent our conservative values for our country. Hood luck Trent.

  4. Illegal in the name says it all – deport every one of them and take away their ability to reapply at any time. If you want to enter the USA do it the proper way, go with means to support yourself and your family, and do it because you will add something positive to the country. I’ve spent 50 years wishing I was living in the USA, but I won’t even start to apply until I have enough money to not need one cent of help for the remainder of my life, and I will be prepared to give everything about me to help America and her citizens. God bless America, the greatest country in the history of the world

  5. Good luck to you Mr. Staggs. We badly need people like you in the US Senate to defend us against Washington, DC tyranny. Drain the Swamp! The "Great Replacement Theory" is not "theory" it is fact. Look at London. Look at Brussels. Look at Amsterdam. Look at Rotterdam. These are now foreign cities within Europe replacing the Europeans. In the wonderful Richard Burton movie "The Robe" the very first scene takes place in Rome where the narrator informs the audience that there were more slaves in Rome than Roman citizens. That is where we are going because the billionaire class wants slaves not citizens and they are leveraging their control over the government, the media, the banks, the universities, popular culture, and so on to get their way and the hell with the Middle Class. Macron wants a "European army" not to defend against Russia but to threaten the farmers and truckers who have so far refused to toe the line with the the WEF agenda. WLR

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