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Supreme Court Can OVERTURN TRUMP CONVICTION Because Guilty Verdict Linked to Federal Laws

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43 Comments to Supreme Court Can OVERTURN TRUMP CONVICTION Because Guilty Verdict Linked to Federal Laws

  1. Yo dude where you waiting for you 3pm live video ………..Supreme Court OVERTURNS TRUMP CONVICTION BECAUSE THERE WAS NO FEDERAL CRIMINAL STATUTUE Broken………………….please be real

  2. I Would Think Trump 🇺🇸🎺 Could Go To Supreme Court Because Of His Constitutional Rights Were Denied!.
    And So Much More With the Excessive Fines And Restrictions!. 🤨😡
    What A Circus And Bunch Of Clowns!.

  3. I want to see Cohen and Stormy dealt with for perjury too! And Bragg, he needs to be disbarred put in jail! Let’s see a “boomerang” affect happen here!!
    You know did break the law?? Cohen and Stormy, for perjury! Bragg, he should be dealt with as well!!

  4. The laws are designed to be so convoluted that you can be innocent or guilty no matter what you do.
    Our Government- "Show me the man, we will show you the crime".
    What they are doing to Trump, they will do to anyone if necessary.

  5. Thank you for telling the truth and dropping the legalize so that all can understand. In a time where we are losing our rights, the rights of all humanity, you have spoken truth clearly.

    May God bless you!

  6. HA, you need to get on “The View” to set Joy Behar et al straight. They’ll be mouthing off that Trump is a slimy guilty crook in their views, if either the NY Appellate Court or SCOTUS overturns this crap.

  7. So does Trump ' Attorneys and Trump know about this? And if so, why hasn't he said anything about it yet? And has he already filed an Appeal about it yet!!?? And if so, how long will it take before the Supreme Court hears the case!!??

  8. We The People Have A Voice And Together As One ☝️ We’re Standing Strong 💪 In Support And Respect 🫡 For Our Men And Women Of Our Highest Court Of Our Nation United States Of America 🇺🇸 The Honorable Supreme Court May They Always Stand Fearless As A Lion To Uphold Our Precious Constitution And Freedom And Liberty 🗽 And Justice And May God Continue To Embrace Them And Keep Them Safe Although Life’s Journey Amen 🙏

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