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🚨Trump’s Lawyer SPEAKS OUT After Verdict! Behind the Scenes Details Revealed

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Trump Lawyer TELLS ALL about What Trump Was Like During & After Trial Trump’s Lawyer SPEAKS OUT After Verdict: What …


30 Comments to 🚨Trump’s Lawyer SPEAKS OUT After Verdict! Behind the Scenes Details Revealed

  1. I'm voting for TRUMP I live in California I don't care what they do or say I live in the worst spots while they sleep with available cash and toys I am outside every day it's shit so many people are struggling even the ones that seem to be doing well everything cost way too much and taxed on top crime is disgustingly bad cops don't chase people illegal aliens everywhere thinking they own the place no green card stealing and free phones people are the dumbest I've ever seen something the government is spraying in the air or putting in the foods not sure but Oakland California GAVIN NEWSOM while they have private jets boats multiple homes that we the people can't even walk down there streets if you don't have that big time money and there afraid when the great white hope TRUMP comes back the rich should have to pay big tax high gas prices higher grocery bill with tax on that insurance for you car pretty soon we won't even be able to walk down the street without getting taxed

  2. TRUMP! 2024! I kept up with trial the best I could. I don't see how anyone in their right mind could have accepted the testimony of Michael Cohen, habitual liar. I made up my mind long ago to vote for Trump! I still plan to vote for Trump, as do many friends.

  3. Evev before the first day of court, the Judge already knew he would convict President Donald Trump. This Judge needs to be Removed Immediately and Disbarred. Also held accountable for his actions and sent to Prison for the rest of his sorry life and that's without the benefit of Parole ever.

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