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  4. E pluribus unum.
    Out of many, One.
    Out of many ideologies, out of many states, out of many wants and needs, and to many more states to come, to each their own, all bound together by natural law and market/darwinian principles, we must create one front, the home we love, and send the forces of entropy and tyranny back to where they came from. We have two enemies: one would line every last one of us against the wall, and burn everything to the ground, innovative capital included, as has happened with every marxist nation that's flirted with the ideology, and impose the conditions of Dr. Calhoun's Mouse Utopia on a borderless global scale; The other would lord over us now and forever with the aid of AI, command economies, constrict innovation and human flourishing, would deny us our place in the stars, and with a smile on their faces, starve the human race into extinction.
    Both of them have similar ends, and have formed a pact, conspiring against the republic and all that remains of Western Civilization. The democrats and labour parties all over the world are overextending themselves in catering to radical revolutionaries and the elite. We all know darker days are coming, and the leftist factions under Soros and the WEF plan yet darker deeds. Now more than ever, is the opportunity for the Libertarians to assert themselves and replace the Dems. Trump, in this moment in time, is offering you such a chance. He is offering you a place to moderate his excesses if they ever become excessive. You have the opportunity to shape the future to your ends for generations to come. You have the chance to prove the superiority of your ideas with the states shall you allow the proverbial bull to mow down the china shop that is the fed. He is offering you resources. When the coming crisis blows over, whatever shape it takes, or the Democrats jump the shark and off the cliff into oblivion, seize all that you've earned, and all that's given to you, and push. Use your leverage to eek out and get more leverage. then more, then even more.This is your chance.
    Take what you get, or lose it all.
    Brothers and sisters, despite our many differences, I implore you to band together, or perish alone. Let us protect this village, let us protect our home. This is our responsibility, not only to ourselves, but to those who will come after us…
    "Join, or Die" – Benjamin Franklin

  5. It's actually a mixed reception. Boos and cheers. Libertarians are rough. Progressives and the dissident right, really dislike them. The latter claims the want to just not have a nation any longer.

  6. Libertarian National Convention trump was booed!!! Audience support was NON existent. LOL!!! Standing O for RFK Jr. Better open your eyes and see what’s ahead! Because it’s already arriving. Thunder and BOOM! RFK Jr

  7. Catch the bug, and few of it's friends and will take down to the Arkansas river and go trout fishing. Brown trout ,Rainbow trout… It's fun and if cooked correctly it's good for dinner ~ fly fishing is fun once you get the hang of the fly rod.

  8. Riss is just the best. 😆 I don't simp, but for this bunch I'll happily make an exception. (Guarantee I would've just smacked myself in the face to try to get it before it gets away. Naturally, I'd fail to get it, of course, so I'll have smacked myself in the face for nothing.)

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  10. 노래 부르는 사람은 저 하나밖에 없습니다 제이스퀘어 동방호텔 이영호 조국 이낙연 문재인 이재명 그들이 신호조작으로 범죄를 저질렀어요

  11. <<T a l affut sur ma vie>>
    <<Tu cherche quel renseignement >>
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    les paroles 😍😍😍

  12. You guys should be ashamed of yourself. Trump is guilty. He stole the 2016 election from Hillary. He lied to the American people. If Michael is a gloat and Trump found guilty I guess that makes Todd a sloat. Stupid lawyer of all times. Hahaha
    Learn something American people has morals and principles. Not this crap you put out to make yourself money. The people will vote and get rid of all you fools.

  13. Blanche: "The SLOAT"!!! STUPIDEST LAWYER OF ALL TIME! 🤣😂🤣 Based on his performance & the GUILTY VERDICT! Blanche is truly the SLOAT!!!

  14. You people are unbelievable. You know that you don’t believe in what you’re saying or should I say lying about. Shame if all of you. You know that trump was guilty but yet you continue to bow and kiss his ring.

  15. Even Judge Jeanine knows when a female dog is in heat the male dog don't want you because you smell is not funny for the true soldiers he's looking to produce that protect and serve the law and Justice of the people our land and territory we call USA

  16. You can see this is all made up and they know they have to find a way to not let our president win again…. Always with you Mr.President…. MAGA for ever!!!

  17. You can see this is all made up and they know they have to find a way to not let our president win again…. Always with you Mr.President…. MAGA for ever!!!

  18. Here is the summation of American Politics. When there is a single track, multiple engines and it's racing to a destination out of control, there can be nothing but a train wreck in the future. The question is, are you riding on the uniparty train or are you outside of the reach and responsibility of the wreck. Living in America while voting for globalists only destroys America. While it's probably not what you want, it is what 81m people supposedly voted for.

  19. This verdict is another reason the citizenry has less confidence in our institutions. For fleeting political gain
    this Democrat kangaroo court has pushed us closer to desperation and eventually violence.

  20. Trump lost me when he refused to take the stand under Oath. But he went in front of cameras every morning and afternoon.
    An innocent person doesn’t “have” to take the Stand; but they don’t spend a year telling everyone they can’t wait to testify, and sleaze out.
    We were conned.

  21. Terms like minorities and talking about race just needs to go away to break all of the division. We are all one race created in the image of God and that is the human race.

  22. Coming from south FL, one of the reasons the Republicans stopped making the effort is because when you get chased out of a meeting under threat of physical harm, they don't go back. So minorities saying the Republicans haven't tried to get their vote….you're right. The GOP gave up after trying and being threatened or actually beaten, but with President Trump, it is time to get back in those neighborhoods again.

  23. To me it is all about a hand-up instead of a hand-out, Democrats always relied on the hand-outs to keep the poor voting for them and the GOP did not really offer the hand-up, they now see it is what they should have been doing since the early 60s.

  24. I feel so sad about your demonetized status. You probably do need to establish your other channel, and move on if you're ever to get monetized. Please keep it up, you're smart and interesting an you will get there, adapt as needed.

  25. Because the GoP is run by the dems and they make sure the GOP is unsuccessful. I see it in my town of Cherry hill New Jersey. The republicans are run by democrats calling themselves republicans. We haven’t had a republican admin in over 40 years that doesn’t happen by accident.

  26. They think that they will have more free stuff if they vote democrat and they do. The Dems have all the money not the republicans. That is a lie that many believe republicans are the money party they are not the Dems are. Always have been.

  27. I am an independent that is conservative Christian America first. I live in Kansas. My governor is Dem. She did rather well during the pandemic. And I have not had that many complaints on how she is running the state. I will look at what she has been doing and decide if I am going to vote for her again or not.

  28. THIS IS A NON – CRIME What they are doing TO TRUMP ‼️…….no crime has ever been committed…..if they can make up crimes to hurt people they've decided they don't want to deal with —THAT MEANS That Over 85% OF AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE BEING RECOGNIZED AS THE ENEMY BY BIDEN OBAMA which is a criminal ADMIN💢💢🤬🤬‼️‼️‼️💢‼️

  29. Why did this Guy Goodman bettay us and support a guy who wants people who take a knee against children who were shot to leave the country? Why rhe hexk would he support a guy who wanmted the cwntral park 5 to get the death penalty


  31. Folks this idiots real name is Harold Aaron Goodman.

    He makes up his own news.

    Conspiracy theorists with theories comming out of his butt.

    Nothing this guy says is his own words but rather the opinion of other news stations and real journalists.

    That bell sound was his mother calling him to tell him his dinner was ready. Still living in his mom's basement.

    David must be laughing inside at this idiot.

    David rules and Harold fools!

    The end!

  32. H.A. Goodman stands for Harry A _ S Goodman.

    This idiot reads the news written for real journalists and stock market experts and then simply reads it back to his viewers. He tells you he makes accurate predictions but all he is really doing is reading inteligent predictions and recycling and telling the same story to his viewers.

    He really needs to get the heck out of his mothers basement and get going on his own.

    David you're work compared to this idiot is like Gold compared to coal.

    Thanks for all you do David the viewer are inteligent and we know who's got what it take for sucess and it's certainly not Harry Butt Goodman.

    Keep up the great job David!

  33. I THINK DAVID HAS MADE A LOT OF MONEY FROM….. ok ! Fine! The CIA, PROJECT MOCKINGBIRD, DO YOUR HOMEWORK! This kid is a know nothing. History has shown you! 11/28/20 Bernie was ripped off by the dnc,Fact! Proven!

  34. So at that time H.A. was ignorant of the persuasions of the RULING CLASS but now he's seen it UP CLOSE and in real life, he has been changed by it? What's wrong with that? What's the problem?

  35. Just letting you all know he still thinks Hillary will be the nomination and she'll replace Joe Biden before the election. This is 10 days out from the election. He is mad.

  36. Just think every hour for the next 13 days more and more videos, photos and proof of corruption, pedophilia, sex scandles, politicians selling children for favors, foreign countries using Hunter Biden to buy his dad leading to major national security threats, we will see proof of children being torchered by Hunter and Biden knowning and probably participating -remains to be seen if that is true. This is only going to get bigger and bigger and implicate more and more Democrats in the coming days. This is the ammo Trump was waiting on and he has known all of this for a long time and sat on it knowning the American people who believe in freedom and democracy would have the greatest October suprise they would ever have! He knew this would make so many people smile with joy as those who have opposed the American way would scramble to fight back and claim this is fake news! He knew how much ammo they have and knew nothing the democrats and media did would stop the American people from seeing the corruption and proof of what he and his supporters have known since before 2016… THE SWAMP MUST BE DRAINED BECAUSE NEW WORLD ORDER, SOCIALISM AND COMMUNISM ARE EVIL AND MUST BE STOPPED AT ALL COST.

    Trump white house 2020, 2024, 2028 and until the country is healed and the American people have found a way to prevent this level of corruption and greed. This is the ammo Trump and the American people who will not be scared or threatened into what the left and RINO's have planned it is finally time to end the pedophile regime take over of this country and move forward without sick fucks running this country!

  37. HA is not a conspiracy theorist. HA uses open source. He didn’t realize Bernie was being cheated by the DNC- Donna Brazile and Debbi Wasserman resigned due to the scandal. Bernie could’ve won if not cheated.

  38. You have to know his personality..yeah hes goof ball..but extremely smart and articulate…his goofballist is dry humor that goes over the head of alot of simple minded people. ..

  39. What would have made this better is him explaining that for some reason Hillary won that would make trump president at least he would have been right then

    I knew that was probably going to happen

    When cenk said rand Paul I said Donald Trump

  40. Hillary cheated Sanders, she made him dropout the race. He then kissed her ass thinking she would give him a position at the white house if she won.

  41. 100 000 at a venue that holds 20 000 at the most according to the fire department. In a town with 5 100 people it would totally constipate the entire community. And where did they park their 100 000 vehicles? A wonder!

  42. He is a real crowd-drawer, because the Americans like and loves his policy in running the nation. His PRACTICALITY attracts and make sense to people. Majority just AGREE with him

  43. Trump,Trump,Trump,Trump,Trump,Trump,Trump 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  44. If Donald Trump doesn't win this time, we will then know it was rigged!!!!! I hate to think what will happen if he don't win. This country can't put up with anymore of their lies. WE THE PEOPLE, WILL BE HEARD…….remember YOU WORK FOR US!!!!!!

  45. I see you guys finally woke up to Joe's BS……..I told him to focus on Americans but all he seems to care about is foreigners & foreign affairs….. Trump 2024 America first!!!!🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  46. That is a fucking lie. There was not that much people in there that is a lie stop believing the media. They were only 8000 people in his rally and they were leaving because did not want to hear the nonsense. Get your facts straight.

  47. all laws aer now null and void there are either rules or not this is unconditional wepionsation of law to rig the elation again ealyr today my mom pulled a american flag out of the shad and you know what i flet seeing it embarrassment shame like everything it represents was a lie that is what this sham trial has done

  48. President Trump knows that when or if he goes to jail, it’s a pain in the ass but all in all the pain in the ass he’s going to be to the Democrats when he gets into office is going to be sweet sweet ambrosia

  49. His stance about going jail isn't going to scare Donald Trump. The President walked into North Korea without his bodyguards and walk onto a podium in the Bronx out in the open.
    Make not mistake this is a brave man.

  50. Never vote for a politician to run your country. They're only in it for their gain financially or for power. Vote for a business man that actually cares for his country, and you the True American Patriot citizen.


  52. I would rather vote for a man who's convicted of 34 pseudo charges against him. Then vote for a war monger who secretly and simultaneously of the reading of Trump's 34 pseudo convictions, issued an order to attack Russia that would kill millions of people if World War 3 started. So anyone who mocks President Trump and says he's a convicted. Felon should equally call Biden a war monger. Who is the real threat to democracy?

  53. For those who are wondering what will happen if Trump gets elected but is prevented to win due to the bogus felony thing. If it happens the speaker of the house is supposed to take over. I can not remember if there is supposed to be another vote in the mean time called but for sure the speaker of the house is supposed to take over, that is whats put in the books anyway. ( So no, those who think Joe is somehow going to get another term or some other strange thing like that, no. Its who ever the speaker of the house is. Currently the speaker of the house is a republican.. Bit of a rhino but still a republican. )

  54. Take the country back by force. It is the only option. They will not back down. They will steal this election.

    Prepare to use your second amendment right for its intended purpose. They will not take our country.

  55. “When you tear out a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you're only telling the world that you fear what he might say.” ― George R.R. Martin

  56. I honestly haven't voted for better than 10 years and I'm ashamed of it cause I always believed my vote wouldn't matter they will put whoever they want in there but I damn sure will be voting this November for DONALD TRUMP USA's true president

  57. He wouldn't feel the need to stand there and justify what he has done if he didn't think he had done anything wrong. A guilty conscience needs no accuser.

  58. When Trump becomes 47 he needs to get the states and Congress to legislate federal guidelines for voting in federal elections. There must be a paper trail ie there must be paper ballots that can/may be counted with machines. That way we can verify on paper peoples votes. Also we all need a Real ID to vote. If poor black people cant afford IDs then we draft into legislation that every citizen be tracked down and given one that way they don’t have their right to vote deprived. It’s the fair thing to do. Also we say that mail in ballots are not legal and only in certain circumstances they can be used like for senior citizens and people that can’t leave their homes etc. This must be signed by a physician. Also we make sure voting occurs only on one day if not two days maximum to ensure we don’t have a prolonged vote. This should occur all at once and all votes should be counted within 24-48 hours of the end of Election Day. Period. If we don’t do this we ensure that the election can be stolen. Besides this we need to get money out of politics. Our politicians should be banned from trading stocks while they serve. If they dont like it then don’t be in congress. Also their immediate families are not allowed to trade individual stocks and all financial transactions should be monitored and scanned during and before and after they are in office. Get rid of PACs completely. Only individuals should be allowed to donate to campaigns and PACs if they do exist. Corporations are not people and they should not be allowed to give money which biases our politics. Same with unions. They should not be allowed to give political donations. After this we might have a chance.

  59. IF Biden wins… Watch Colangelo get a nice cushy high-paying job somewhere in the Deep State… As reward for his criminal behavior.
    This will also miraculously happen for Alvin Bragg & "Judge" Juan Merchan.

  60. There will not be an election! "They" already know they cannot win so; they will declare war! and then say we can't hold an election on "war footing" and that will be the end of Democracy as the war footing will never be gone. It is control through fear.

  61. If they did this to President Trump, how much worse will it be for us. Those celebrating his unlawful guilty verdict should understand that they’re next. You only have yourself to blame. And believe me, you will not have to be told the old told you so, you’ll be living it. No one is safe from this tyrannical “government “

  62. Son its not the awakening of the average American you should be worried about its how many of those who are becoming more aware of the blatant abuse and utter corruption thats usurped our constitution and devoured the democrats what concerns me is how few of them will go to guns to save the Republic

  63. The Deep State is about to create so much violence in the streets of America? With a few tornadoes and a hurricane? Oh maybe even an earthquake? All created by U.S. government/Israel/Deep State. Which means mail in ballots. And war powers for the president.

  64. Legally, America is now somewhere between Orwell and Kafka. One of the most egregious examples of " Newspeak" is any time a Democrat uses the term " Democracy ". They are so petty and vengeful that they are willing to kill Democracy to save it, ( Insofar as they understand it at all ). Sheeple.

  65. if piss pants biden is "too frail and has a bad memory" DONT WE THINK HE SHOULDNT BE PRESIDENT THEN???
    cause of all people.. THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES… CANNOT be frail and have a bad memory.. LIKE WTF

  66. Demoncrats and their liberal Marxist Socialist WOKE ideology and followers are the only threat to this Beautiful Constitutional Republic of ours.

  67. Many people in his position would have moved up, either to become a judge to then attempt to be a supreme judge, or as a lawmaker. Stepping down to be some senior counsel to a DA? Makes no sense, unless something more sinister is at play.

  68. I want action on this immediately by republicans I don't care about any more talk. File every case from the fire alarm incident to the election interference to the showering with Bidens daughter.

  69. Something tells me, these traitors wont be laughing for much longer. Clinton, Obama, Biden and EVERYONE in the FBI need to be tried for treason in an attempt to overthrow an elected president. These people need to be punished. They have ruined everything.

  70. remember how they did alex jones? summary judgement. no trial judge said hes guilty and the jurors were there only to decide his punishment. They dont give two f's about the constitution.

  71. Stephen, what was the Democrat's plan right from the beginning? MURDER PRESIDENT TRUMP!
    This precept IS NOT debatable! It is a fait accompli, an established FACT!
    I heard someone mention today, Trump could "easily be housed out near the edge of the grass in a double wide." That would also house his Secret SERVICE protection.

  72. This is so very sad .. I am comforted knowing God will not let any harm to come your way President Trump .. bit those who do evil will fall into the pit they made ..

  73. They are intentionally baiting people…
    Stand Fast Republicans .. remember how they baited for the Jan 6 th incident!!
    Democrats go to streets and burn and destroy ….
    Remember the year of Love …
    We have a job to do…and thats to move Biden out of the White House ..our very system of justice and the Peace of the world depends on it!! jmo

  74. Is this just a ploy to have Trumps secret service to be disband? Making him an easier target for Killary?
    -"If I die don't let me vote Democrat" -Hodgetwins

  75. The View is the most disgusting show on television. I cannot imagine anyone stupid enough to watch it. The heinous females that are on the show will one day have to answer to a higher power and those smug grins will be gone.

  76. The View should be banned. They will do whatever it takes to try to keep Trump from Running. I don’t know why the Republicans don’t stand up and put Biden in jail for Treason. This is going to make everyone vote for Trump.
    Trump 2034 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  77. I know I am disgusted, outraged and fed up. We can't wait around to vote these evil people out. We need to figure out how to have the people come together and take action to fix these atrocities as elected leaders aren't doing a thing to save our country.

  78. Im so sick and tired of the 2 tier justice system. As crazy as it sounds I dont worry about Putin but I do wonder what the left is doing or plans on doing.

  79. The women breasts on the view are definitely demonic possessed animals. Look at the joy in their faces 😁 they have no heart and are soulless because they sold their souls to Satan himself.

  80. I am disgusted with the US Supreme Court Justices, especially the so called constitutional ones. They have stabbed President Trump in the back, kicked conservatives to the curb, and sat lazily back as our country is being destroyed from within by politicians who hate President Trump.

  81. The judiciary, especially in blue states, is corrupted & penetrated by hard left activists masquerading as judges. This has been growing in virulence for decades while we slept.

    I don't want all judges to have a conservative leaning either. I just want people wearing the robes to not be activists for either side.

    Of course nobody can be truly objective, but the judiciary are supposed to undergo rigorous training to put their biases aside.

    There should be a judicial review body that constantly monitors verdicts and courtroom behaviours that reveal a red flag of judicial bias. If it exists, it certainly is not doing its job.

  82. American politics!

    Very simple formula implemented by very few cunning, thieves, forgeries, frauds, treason group with the use of all the four pillars combined efforts to control the nation for their personal benefits and not for people welfare.

    They want total power and keeping their selected individual as head of nation.

    Others cannot easily become president!

    Any one who is not complying their system will be ultimately killed or silenced.

    Unfortunately Mr. Trump is not their favourite and Mr. Trump a stubborn man and he never loss in his endeavours.

    The four pillars could not stop his first term of president,however the caucus applied pressure on him from day one till the end of his term.

    Very easily they could steal the 2020 election.

    Now they are using judiciary pillar to eliminate him.

    What God nature decided?

    My conclusion is Mr. Trump should come second term for the welfare of world population.

  83. I'm the one that sold Hunter Biden his Pistol and he did pass all of the questions on Federal Form 4473 including the question asking him if he used Marijuana or other Controlled Substances and he said he didn't and he did pass the NICS Check with the DOJ for the Firearms Transfer and there is no way they could honestly charge him with perjury. If he did start using drugs after I sold him that Pistol I know it ain't my fault… USA USA USA 🇺🇸 🌎

  84. I want to see how much exposure this is going to get over just one of Trump's courtroom debacles! And this is it?! He has so many other illegalities and along with his father? I'm so ready to say this is a joke because I want a conviction!!
    TRUMP 2024 🇺🇲 🇺🇲 🇺🇲

  85. Every American should be voting for Trump. Blacks, whites, Asians etc will all suffer. Hyper inflation is going to bankrupt all of us. It’s this bad during an election year imagine 4 years from now. 😬 I make just over 100k a year and I’m living tighter already. Took a while but I’m pretty much check to check. Middle class homeowner says you’ll never own a home unless you’re making more than what I make. Js. Biden needs to go.

  86. So, what is the Left’s next move? We need to guard Trump’s heart, mind & body.
    Imagine MKUltra, Neurolink, or IF Trump is compromised!
    We The People, need to BEWARE and BE IN CHRIST!
    Are you?

  87. Civil war is coming. Voting is a sham. Dont fool yourself again with this nonsense. Meanwhile Ukraine and Palestine are in shambles because your government has to disrupt other countries policies. We need to look at us first and foremost. We the people are to blame for this clown show! One word (Ascension). Rise above educate yourself on what is right in front of your face. Stay black and stay strong.

  88. Wont matter if they cheat again. How fast the people forget never ceases to amaze me. The GOP ballots thrown into the ditches, hidden in lockers, etc., the ballot harvesting, those who voted twice, 1st in their own state via mail, & then in another in person, the millions of mail in voteswith signatures that in no way match the signature of record. Let's not forget how the GOP vote counters were kicked out of the polling places, & the windows blocked so they couldn't witness the cheating, as many ballots, 1000s of them, were counted upto 10 times. How about the city official caught on video, voting 3 times, etc. & PA breaking their own state law by changing their state constitution without following the method prescribed in that sacred document, & those who went to vote who were told they had already voted when they hadn't. Mail in voting is suppose to be reserved for those in the military or out of the country & those who otherwise haven't the ability to go to the polls, not for the lazy person who just wants to get the Chore out of the way. Voting is not a Chore, it's one of the rights we possess, perhaps the most valuable. BTW, my ballot in the midterms (2022) was among those that were part of the crap about the machines suddenly bring out of order & thus, my ballot was among those found in box that had been thrown in a ditch. Also, I was among thousands who stay up ALL night 3+ years ago during the last presidential election. A goodly number of us, on our computers & phones, etc. took hundreds of pix, we saw the votes swap from Trump to biden. We took pix of the before & after that took place in less than a minute as we went from state to state for hours.
    BTW, who does all these polls I hear about. I've been voting since Reagan, & never, not once have I ever been polled, & I lived in CA & NV, & AZ in or near major towns. So here's my plan… If Trump doesn't win, I'm simply returning to the land of my forefathers, & my family has been in the U.S. since the 16th century. We came over, the 2nd time, as part of the Stuart restoration.

  89. With the illegals it was even proven on video with stickers saying when you get into America vote for Joe Biden so we can stay open for four more years

  90. The dems called up the demons to call in and complaIn about Judge Cannon……she is being very fair……the dems are so afraid of TRUMP WINNING BY A LANDSLIDE…..GOD BLESS TRUMP

  91. I am not black but I admire and appreciate your black commentators and those you interviewed, they are very knowledgeable, smart to realize the truth and the current events UNLIKE many white, black, brown etc…. Who CANNOT SEE THE TRUTH, THE CURRENT EVENTS, CORRUPTION in the BIDEN Administration.

  92. Trump didn't get a fair trial. They shouldn't even have wasted the American tax dollars . They knew what they (dems) verdict was going to be !! Trump 2024 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤.. if Trump doesn't get it Democrats have promised that taxes will go up and you won't be able to live b/c they will take your freedoms by keeping you broke . Biden has sold us out for $ to communist countries. Love your country !!! We can not take 4 more years of what we have now, people !!!!

  93. I’m glad and thankful that many Americans specially among the Black community are waking up, opening their eyes and feeling and realizing the TRUTH that ECONOMY was much better with President TRUMP, that every promise President Trump in 2016 he FULFILLED, that he is the only president who helped Black Americans supporting Black universities and creating jobs for everyone and DRILLING OILS which made cost of gas low and USA gas independent unlike president Biden begging for gas in the middle east.

  94. We are governed by a group of elites who believe they belong in power and are obligated to retain that power by any means necessary. Which is why we no longer have legitimate elections.

  95. 34 count verdict means when you J-walk or pee on the street you can be charged for FELONY whoever you are. The DOJ, AG, State Judge can say…. “The Constitution does not apply in this state” … you won’t even have the right to speak. You get GAG and then JAIL.

  96. Lol when the system is used against poor people or people of colour you same hypocrites are quiet now that its happening to your boss your crying PASS ME THE POPCORN😂😂😂😂

  97. Tatum why weren’t you there to support him on Jan 6th after you felt like the election was stolen??? 😂
    So now they suppose to listen to your rallying cry?

  98. Nah nah!!! According to you we have the greatest justice system in the world!!! Remember y’all always said if you don’t like it than get out the country!!! 😂😂😂
    One decision you don’t agree with and now y’all saying it’s no longer the greatest in the world!! 😂😂😂

  99. I still say Trump should have been wise enough to walk away after his first term & encourage all conservatives to support Desantis for Prez. As long as Desantis Lt. governor continues to govern Fl. as good & tough as he did. Trump fighting to serve one more term is just not worth what he has gone through!

  100. I hear so many people on the right say that the Progressive/Democrats are incompetent, dumb, or stupid. Nothing could be further from the truth. Biden/Kamal stupid? Yes, but they ain't running the show! The destruction happening right now is calculated, strategic, & orchestrated by those behind the scenes (Soros, Obama, & both Clintons) who are evil and corrupt but certainly not stupid or incompetent.

  101. I’m so confused do we want people to be held accountable for committing crimes or not? I don’t care what party you are apart of. My morals do not waiver for any man.

  102. I am a 60 year old white, lower middle class, conservative and when this happened this first thing I thought was just like in the civil war black people are going to have to save our country AGAIN,

  103. 8 years after the fact, they charge Trump with this? It's obvious this is political power going after Trump because they are scared to death he will win the election. If that's not the case, why didn't they charge him 8 years ago? Why now? Because Trump is running for the Presidency and they are scared to death America will elect him.

  104. WHOOOA Trump accidentally misclassified money to an nda for a women he had sexual relations with and because he accidentally used a few campaign bucks 13 years ago he’s the worst man on the planet as of 2024 lol. The Clinton’s, the Biden’s, and so many other kicking their feet up smh… Trump 2024🇺🇸

  105. I congratulate all the American people who love their country and who want to see it free once again. Mr. Tatum, you are the voice of the people and continue to spread it. Long live America and long live freedom!

  106. Not only we need a absolutele guarantee to get Donald Trump back in the White House but a extremely solid contingency plan. This is for the sake not only for our country but our civil rights as well to constantly remaining safe by any means necessary.

  107. Just this month my phone bill went up 12-15$ pet insurance up from 55 to 106 auto insurance went up 35$ ….home insurance goes up EVERY YEAR ….food outrageous…….gas outrages……taxesoutrageous. We live in an unlivable time. I literally can afford to live no matter how much i work because the gov will just punish me more and tax me at a higher rate so I can't get ahead no matter what I do.

  108. He is Greek fake Hollywood elite that mockingbird media because liars they ones killed the innocent they was over in Chyna Ukraine that is real place wait until you find out the truth we been lied to all of are life’s for decades and decades it time stand up they want a NWO they taking our taxpayers money building a new temple in Ukraine for Antichrist do own research

  109. Trump does not tell his supporters not to do something. Why should he? The Democrats encourage their constitutes to cause trouble. The democrats bus the or fly the terrorist agitators to the scene of the crime. You tell us, the citizens of our great country why you don't get angry and denounce them. Donald Ĵ Trump is the only man alive with balls enough to try to do something about the destruction of our country.

  110. Robert De Niro, thinks just because you was in Raging Bull that he is a tough guy they can take a punch face. But it’s a movie, not real life.

  111. Hes scared of whats coming thats why he got involved robert is part of the swamp the dinos the elites and walt Disney stories horrible man getting Wrights for the series he does this he gets the wrights

  112. Said it all…agree…he out of touch…his name now means FooL 😅 and yes…what a bad Democrat decision from OUR White house. HE IS JUST DAMN GONE GOOFY! TRUMP 2024…will be a first time donater .

  113. Yeah, he’s a bee clown. He is looking for a spotlight. No movie for him. He got to come out and do something so people can remember him and we will remember him from now on for being stupid.

  114. I CAN NOT believe the LACK of JUSTICE in this verdict! I'm no expert, but I listen to people like Jonathan Turley, Andy McCarthy, Wesley Hunt, Vivek Ramaswamy, Greg Jarrett, Byron Donalds, Stephen Miller, and many, many others, and NONE of them can find a crime! I had hoped the twelve New Yorkers would get this right, but they DIDN'T. I strongly oppose and RESENT their interference in our presidential election. Who is this compromised judge, these corrupt prosecutors, and twelve Manhattanites to meddle in our presidential election?! They are scared to death of President Trump because they are losing POWER, and it shows!! This is the most disheartening day for our country that I've ever experienced, and it's truly painful for me.

    I will NOW work even harder to support President Trump in every way that I can. I believe there are many more patriots like me who are now going to do everything we LEGALLY can to right this wrong. I also believe that this unjust verdict will awaken the SLEEPING GIANTS of our country. It is now time for us to rise up and do everything LEGALLY possible to fight the evil Democrat Party. They have hijacked our justice system and weaponized the FBI, CIA, and the IRS. Our educational system is indoctrinating our children, and I'm fed up with it. I want JUSTICE for President Trump and ACCOUNTABILITY for the complicit officials involved in this conspiracy. I STAND WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP, forever!! This injustice is EVIL, and we MUST vote these monsters 👹 out of office. Trump/Ramaswamy 2024 eM6

  115. Can you see what's wrong here, I have been watching this channel for many months now and yet nothing has changed. The same corrupt administration is still in power and the war machine is being ramped up. They are giving away your money to keep illegals in hotels yet ex service staff are homeless living in tents. If you're a Democrat that what you support???? As a Democrat get rid of those who are wrecking your country. I use the word country loosely as a land with no borders is not a country.

  116. This has been the plan from the very begining.From fixing the election in 2020 to importing a enough immigrants to swing the 2024 election.Ensuring Democrat President add infinitum.

  117. If I could vote in Utah, I would vote for Trent. He sounds like he is the type of person who we need to represent our conservative values for our country. Hood luck Trent.

  118. Illegal in the name says it all – deport every one of them and take away their ability to reapply at any time. If you want to enter the USA do it the proper way, go with means to support yourself and your family, and do it because you will add something positive to the country. I’ve spent 50 years wishing I was living in the USA, but I won’t even start to apply until I have enough money to not need one cent of help for the remainder of my life, and I will be prepared to give everything about me to help America and her citizens. God bless America, the greatest country in the history of the world

  119. Good luck to you Mr. Staggs. We badly need people like you in the US Senate to defend us against Washington, DC tyranny. Drain the Swamp! The "Great Replacement Theory" is not "theory" it is fact. Look at London. Look at Brussels. Look at Amsterdam. Look at Rotterdam. These are now foreign cities within Europe replacing the Europeans. In the wonderful Richard Burton movie "The Robe" the very first scene takes place in Rome where the narrator informs the audience that there were more slaves in Rome than Roman citizens. That is where we are going because the billionaire class wants slaves not citizens and they are leveraging their control over the government, the media, the banks, the universities, popular culture, and so on to get their way and the hell with the Middle Class. Macron wants a "European army" not to defend against Russia but to threaten the farmers and truckers who have so far refused to toe the line with the the WEF agenda. WLR

  120. That man cannot answer a straight forward question. What's up!! The DOJ and Biden Administration are guilty of holding political prisoners. The policemen who are innocent of George Floyd's death along with the Jan. 6, protesters. I hope one day they all get to find out how it feels to be jailed.

  121. Garland is what’s wrong with the Justice system. He was refused by Republican Congress as Justice of SCOTUS but get appointed to AG position. Talk about vengeance.

  122. What a judicial crook… And he is also stupid if he really thinks that he succeeds in hiding this from anybody. A shame to the United States of America!!