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BREAKING: Trump PRISON SENTENCING LEAKED to The View By DA Braggs office! – Trump …


29 Comments to 🔴Trump BREAKS SILENCE on Melania + Big Win ANNOUNCEMENT!!

  1. Maybe the black people have finally seen that the democrats are the ones that have tried to keep the black people down. Praise God they have finally seen what's been going on for centurys. I am glad for the black people.

  2. If you want to live like this till America is destroyed. Vote for Joe bidand you'll get this in a lot. Worse up to you. Nobody can say anything else but it's up to you. The American people who wants to live like this. People are so unhappy. Are country's falling apart and the lies? Of the democrats and republicans are driving American people crazy gods up and heaven. Looking at us going OK, what are you all talking about? It's up to us to save America. No one else I dislike so much. Are these lies that you can prove or lies? What do they think we are blithering? Idio, it's the only blithering idiots. We see here it's the government. The news media, the propaganda news media. And the hatred, the Joe Biden is spreading and won't stop. Who could believe Joe Biden? When all he does is lie and most of the Congress and senate, I don't even think we have a Congress. They get sit there in a state of oblivion. What have we done, but we can change it? God gives us a grace period it's up to us, so let's use it. I don't want to live like this anymoreverybody's afraid nobody's happy. People are turning on each other lie after lie after lie and yet Americans believe it. How can they? You can't lie to an honest person. Truly, you can't. I learned that early on. Maybe because I'm a terrible liar, but these are just opinions. You can take them leave them, throw them in scratch. I don't even care anymore. But look into people's hearts. Why would the democrats put Joe Biden in office? Knowing what he is what he's done and for God's sake, that he's sick and say oh, he's just fine. No, that poor man needs help. He needs a Doctor and care. I feel sorry for him when he went to Europe. Where the laughing stock of Europe cause, they don't have to listen to your lies. You cannot lie to yourself. You cannot respect yourself if you're spreading. truly lies and can hurt America.

  3. I believe the superior court justices need to steo into this one, consulted or not. They can seexright through the corruption and cant allowctrump to get railroaded and cheated on again.

  4. The problem for me this time is i coukd only send $25 twice and bought a few bobble heads as gifts. But at the same time, he needed $$ so did the foreign war dogs, the first responders, and the firemen.

  5. Fact check:
    Trumps final numbers.
    Economy lost 2.7 million jobs, Unemployment increased by 1.6 % to 6.3%.
    International Trade deficit increased 40.5% from 2016 to 2020.
    People lacking health insurance increased by 3 million
    Price of homes increased by 27%
    Trump added 6.8 trillion dollars to the national debt.
    The border was not secure.
    Trump did not keep his campaign promise to build the wall and have Mexico pay, even though there was a Republican majority in both houses during his administration.Trump also promised in 2016 to have all our troops back from Afghanistan within in a month or 2 but 4 years later thousands KIA's Plus Tens of Thousands Troops Maimed For Life, then he had the audacity to Call Our Troops "Suckers And Losers" America

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